Sophia diGregorio Talks About the Book, “How to Write Your Own Spells for Any Purpose and Make Them Work.”

The digital version of “How to Write Your Own Spells for  Any Purpose and Make Them Work” has been released on’s digital platform, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and other outlets including Smashwords.

I used to own an independent occult bookstore, so I have written certain books because I saw a void that needed to be filled.  I wrote this one because there are many spell books on the market, but they tend to cover certain popular topics. Sometimes, also, they don’t do this very well. Often, they don’t take the subject of witchcraft and spell casting seriously. And in all fairness, there is some difficulty in writing about certain topics, either because they are so highly personal or because people, including many pagans, tend to be very judgmental.  Being able to write your own spells for any purpose eliminates this friction.

How to Write Your Own Spells for Any Purpose and Make Them Work,” is both a manual and a workbook that provides lessons followed by questions and answers. The final chapter shows you how to put the information you’ve learned together to design your own spells.

This book does take witchcraft and spell casting seriously. It breaks down the different forms of sympathetic magic involved in most spells. It, also, removes spell casting from the idea of being simply a set of actions. It helps to know the purpose behind the actions you take in a spell.

Furthermore, it shows how to empower spells. This is something that is not discussed in most spell books. Witches have power – a life force energy – which they accumulate in different ways. And, this is what makes spells succeed. There must be power in a working  for it to succeed.

This book is really fun, too, because it is set up like a workbook. There are questions and answers at the end of the chapters. The final chapter is comprised of lessons in spell crafting. You use the information in the appendix to construct your spells based on a template that is given. The final chapter is the culmination of all that has been discussed in the book.

I hope people like it and really benefit from it. I always try to go just a little beyond the scope of what I’m writing about and insert a few golden nuggets of thought that, if pursued, can take people further in their thinking and in their witchcraft studies. This is a good book for people who take witchcraft seriously.

– Sophia diGregorio, Author

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  1. I’m very curious about witchcraft but have no clue how to begin. I’m completely lost. Is it possible that you could give some advice? Thanks in advance.

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