The Benefits of Writing Your Owns Spells: Secrecy in Witchcraft by Sophia diGregorio

How to Write Your Own Spells for Any Purpose and Make Them Work

In January 2013, Winter Tempest Books released the book, “How to Write Your Own Spells for Any Purpose and Make them Work,” into its first digital publication. The following article is written by author and  contributor, Sophia diGregorio, in which she talks about the real benefits of this book and what she was trying to accomplish by writing it. This article is the Part 2 of the previous article, Sophia diGregorio Talks About the Book, “How to Write Your Own Spells for Any Purpose and Make Them Work.” on January 11, 2013.

As you are probably aware, there is some controversy in the world of modern witchcraft about the need or even the propriety of secrecy. I have always come down on the side of secrecy for a couple of reasons. The first one being a social one: The fact that other people really don’t need to know what you do.  Having that information sometimes gives them power over you or makes them feel that they have a right to have power over you in some way because you are a “sinner” or simply not one of them. Witches who live in large cities or in places where witchcraft is more acceptable have probably rarely if ever experienced such things, but many more people live in areas where the tolerance level for people who seem in any way different is a little low.

So, that is the practical, mundane reason and the first reason for maintaining secrecy and privacy about your witchcraft practices. The second reason, which is more important and even more controversial than the first is that lack of secrecy compromises witchcraft. This is not the case all the time, but it it is certainly true in the case of malefic witchcraft or “black magic.”

The following is an example of a situation in which secrecy is of the utmost importance in a spell: If you are using defensive magic against someone who is trying to harm you, you do not want that person to be alerted to the fact because they could take actions to thwart your efforts. In this instance, your witchcraft will be much more effective if it is done in total secrecy.

There are other reasons for maintaining secrecy in witchcraft that are even more controversial. In many of my books, I talk – mostly out of legal necessity – about the need to avoid breaking laws. It doesn’t take much imagination to see how spell casting could become a legal matter if you’re not careful about what you do. This is another reason why secrecy should be maintained and actions taken in a spell should be accomplished unseen by anyone.

This matter of legalities leads to a major benefit provided by the book, How to Write Your Own Spells for Any Purpose and Make Them Work.” which is that you can write your own spells for any purpose whatsoever and no one else will ever know what you’re up to. The procedure you design will be entirely your own. This means anyone who detects the use of witchcraft against them and tries to remedy it will have a much more difficult time because the methods of the spell are unique to the spell caster.

Of course, it isn’t only malefic witchcraft that benefits from secrecy, but it is probably the best example of why it is important.  The other aspect of secrecy is for the sake of maintaining the power of the spell, itself. The energetic fields involved in the spell will operate more effectively if they are unimpeded by any adversarial factors, whether that’s timing or the interference of the mental emanations of other people who know about the working.  This is why other people should not know about your spell work unless they are part of the working, in other words, they are a member of your coven or another witch with whom you work closely.

This book, How to Write Your Own Spells for Any Purpose and Make Them Work,” shows you how to customize your spells completely. You can tailor them, not only by the ingredients and items to be used, but the entirety of the circumstance of the spell, including the people involved, their psychology, their relationship to others involved in the question and numerous other other infinitesimal details that may be known only to you.

I tried very hard to delineate the different aspects of sympathetic magic, to dissect these aspects and place them in an understandable context, so that by understanding it spell construction and spell working can become more effective. I hope  I have succeeded.

– Sophia diGregorio

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How to Write Your Own Spells for Any Purpose and Make Them Work

How to Write Your Own Spells for Any Purpose and Make Them Work


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