Types of Psychic Mediums and How to Develop Your Mediumship Abilities


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Mediumship is a natural human ability and anyone who is influenced by spirits is to some degree a medium. Therefore, mediumship is not the privilege of an elite few – in fact, there are relatively few people who are completely devoid of any mediumistic ability. Nonetheless, the term, “medium,” is generally reserved for those in whom this ability is well-developed.

Mediumistic abilities do not manifest themselves the same way in all cases an each individual has varying aptitudes for particular methods and means of communication.

The main types of of mediumship are as follows:

Sensitives are those who are able to recognize the presence of spirits by means of vague impressions, such as chills, goose bumps, or the sensation of the hair standing on end. The medium may, also, be able to determine the general nature of the spirit, for example, if it is benevolent or malefic. This is a fairly common variety of mediumship.

Clariaudients are those who hear spirits, usually by means of an inner voice, although sometimes by means of an external one. Such mediums are sometimes able to enter into a two-way conversation with spirits. Other such mediums are only able to relay the information they receive; these are channelers or speaking mediums.

How to Communicate with Spirits: Seances, Ouija Boards and Summoning

How to Communicate with Spirits: Seances, Ouija Boards and Summoning

Channelers or speaking mediums are those whose bodies become instruments through which the spirits directly speak to the living. This form of mediumship is closely related to automatic writing, in which the hand of the medium becomes the vessel for spirit communication. In both of these methods, the medium can receive transmissions and convey them without being consciously aware of what is transpiring. The medium is merely a passive instrument.

Automatic writing mediums are those who receive spirit communications through writing. Such messages may, also, be received by modern mediums by placing their fingers on the keyboard to receive messages. This faculty is closely related to the use of spirit boards or Ouijas.

Clairvoyants are those who have the ability to see spirits. Some can do this while in a waking state, others must be in either a light trance or a state more closely bordering sleep. Some mediums only see spirits while in a dream state.

Healing mediums are those who use techniques such as those described in the book, Magical Healing: How to Heal Yourself and Others. Such mediums are able to heal themselves and others at a distance using techniques similar to mesmerism and, also, with the assistance of intelligent spirits.

Physical mediums are those who produce physical phenomena, including ectoplasm. They can move inert objects and produce noises form the ether. Table rapping and table tipping are common examples of this ability.

How to Develop Advanced Psychic Abilities: Obtain Information about the Past, Present and Future Through Clairvoyance

How Do People Become Psychic Mediums?

Most people discover their mediumistic abilities by accident. Whenever you discover the spark of these abilities in yourself, consider how you can develop the ability so you have more control over it.

Choose a place where you can be alone and free of distractions so you can practice your mediumship. Make a habit of relaxing yourself and calming your own internal chatter. Learn to be receptive to the signals coming from outside yourself. Be open to the things you experience

Do not edit or filter the messages you receive. If you are able to bridge two-way communication with a spirit, ask for their names, ages and what messages they have for you or other people.

How to Communicate with Spirits: Seances, Ouija Boards and Summoning

You can go a long way in your development on your own. Read all you can on the subject and practice what you learn. If you have the opportunity, join a mediumship development group.

A good psychic mediumship development group consists of supportive, like-minded people who have the same goal. These should be people you feel comfortable with who allow you to take turns acting as a medium and open themselves up to share the flow of their energy with you to support you in your efforts.

How to communicate with Spirits: Seances, Ouija boards and Summoning by Angela Kaelin

How to communicate with Spirits: Seances, Ouija boards and Summoning by Angela Kaelin. Click here to purchase your own copy.

Desire and patience are the most important qualities you need to develop your mediumistic abilities. Even with highly gifted psychics it sometimes takes weeks or months of consistent effort to achieve clear spirit communication.

With focused effort, your initial spark of abilities will soon grow into well-developed psychic mediumship.

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