On the Importance of Spiritually Cleansing Your Home, Especially After Entertaining Visitors

Home protection spells

Protect your home from evil spirits and unwholesome energies.

When you set up your house protection – see “Magical Spell to Protect Yourself and Your Home from Unwanted Visitors Either Incarnate or Discarnate” – which you should do whenever you move into or acquire a new dwelling, you may find that things go along pretty well until you entertain guests or even allow anyone to cross your threshold. After you have entertained a guest in your home, even briefly, you may find that you need to reassert your will for protection over the energy in and around your home.

This happens because other people may carry energy attachments with them and the energy or intelligences they carry may remain in your home after they depart. This is not because the person who is visiting you is bad, but it may happen simply because he or she is energetically contaminated or possibly even ill.

Therefore, you must reinforce your home protection spells after any visits.  If your home has become spiritually contaminated after a visit from a friend, relative or stranger, you  may very soon notice things going wrong around your house.  The following story illustrates what happens when a home is spiritually contaminated:


Protect your home.

Serena, who is a traditional witch, had set up an entire system of protection for her home inside and out.  Not only did she have charms placed around her doors and windows, but she had powerful spirits guarding both the inside and outside of her home.  But, she had a visit from family that lasted a few days. After they left, a series of bizarre incidents occurred. She injured her foot when she stepped on a piece of broken glass in the kitchen, which seemed to come from nowhere. No one had broken a glass to her knowledge.  She shook what looked like a spider off her arm right before going to bed.  The next day, she had difficulties with electronic devices in her house, which seemed to be working improperly. Then, she turned on a lamp and the light bulb popped and went out.

Before Serena cleansed her house and set up her system of protection, she had experienced a lot of freak accidents and problems at the house. Afterward, they stopped completely.  Only after she entertained guests in her home did she have strange occurrences of this kind, again.

So, Serena went to her altar, which she had neglected a little since her visitors had arrived. She lit a candle, made an appropriate sacrifice  and asked the spirits associated with her altar to step up their protection of the house. Then, she went into a trance and dispatched her army of protection (familiar spirits)  to do their duties, which they had apparently been neglecting. She fed them with her own energy and sent them out, promising them a reward when they returned.

After these sacrifices and communications where made, the strange occurrences inside her home quickly came to an end.

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