How to Know if You are a Natural Witch: Examples of Witchcraft Powers

by Sophia diGregorio

The Witch

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To be a witch is to possess an innate power or natural ability to do things that most people don’t think are possible. Some people have a large supply of natural talent for witchcraft, which go beyond the ordinary. They are more than just psychics or mediums, but they are naturally endowed with other abilities, which they usually discover early in life.

While these abilities like these usually manifest early in the life of a witch, they may increase, especially later in life. Also, such latent abilities can first manifest after a person is exposed to a severe or prolonged trauma, as discussed in Black Magic for Dark Times by A. Kaelin, which is a spell book written especially for crime survivors.

The Difference Between a Witch and a Psychic

Witches may know what’s going to happen before it happens, they may have the ability to see what others do not, such as manifestations of spirits, they may be able to hear other people’s thoughts and they may have very strong emotional sensitivities. But, true witchcraft power goes beyond just having highly developed psychic abilities, although this is an important part of it. Apart from having psychic abilities, natural witches are able to do things outside the ordinary. This ability is what sets witches apart from people who are merely psychic.

Another way to state the difference between psychics and witches is to say that a psychic can foretell the future, while a witch has the ability to consciously alter it.

Examples of Witchcraft Powers or Abilities

Black Magic for Dark Times: Spells of Revenge and Protection

Black Magic for Dark Times: Spells of Revenge and Protection

The following are examples, some are personal experiences of the author and some are the experiences of others, which illustrate the first inkling natural witches have that they may possess other than ordinary abilities. Although these examples are partially from my personal experience and from other people’s real life experiences, third-person and fictitious names are used here for both anonymity and ease of discussion:

Julie is a powerful natural healer who has a memory of being five-years old and flying in a circle around her mother’s living room. At some point she lost this ability, but her memory of it is vivid.

Toni was 12-years old when she first spotted a new boy who was visiting family from out of state. She was struck by his exotic good looks. She was scheduled to attend a dance and although she didn’t expect him to be there, right before it was time to go, she fell into a deep reverie in which she imagined the boy was there and asked her to dance. When she arrived at the dance she sat with some other girls for a little while and when the music started, exactly as she had pictured it in her mind, the boy of her dreams strode across the floor and asked her to dance with him, which she did. This is one of her earliest memories in which she believed she was able to cause events to happen by focusing on her desires intently. She later began a study of witchcraft and was able to deconstruct and exercise this ability more consciously.

When Adriana was 16-years old, she was an avid bibliophile who could often be found sitting quietly in a corner absorbed in a book. Her brother often made fun of her for this. On one occasion when he was mocking her as he so often did, she became very angry and spontaneously directed the force of her rage at him, sending him tumbling down the stairs. It was then that she first knew she had extraordinary abilities.


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Diana was 15-years old and interested in a boy at school. Her parents had forbidden her to talk to him, but she disobeyed them and was caught talking to him on the telephone. Her parents became very angry and sent her to her room. In her sadness and anger, she stared out the window at a single cloud in the sky. In a matter of seconds, a wind swept through, the sky turned dark and threatening, then suddenly the rain began to pour. Diana soon discovered that she was able to cause storms at will and thus began her interest in the study of witchcraft.

Sandy was 18-years old and making her first cross-country trip alone. As she was driving down the highway, two men pulled up next to her and began harassing her and driving very dangerously. She became very angry and directed her rage at the car beside her. Immediately, smoke began rolling out of the hood and the drivers were forced to the side of the road. Sandy, who was frequently the target of such harassment when alone, was able to repeat this experiment a few times. This is how she knew she had an unusual ability and sought an explanation and a way to control it.

Are You a Natural Witch?

How to Write Your Own Spells for Any Purpose and Make Them Work

How to Write Your Own Spells for Any Purpose and Make Them Work

If you have ever had any experiences like these, then you are probably a natural witch who already knows the truth for yourself.

The only people who do not believe in witchcraft powers are those who do not possess them. Once people make the discovery that they have these abilities, they often want to develop them, hone their skills and increase their natural power. You can do this by studying the world-wide practice of traditional witchcraft (not the religion Wicca) and applying and experimenting with what you find.

There are techniques you can use to develop your skills whether you have had these experiences or not, but it comes easier to people who already know witchcraft is real and have some natural ability. It’s harder for those who have to take a leap of faith (belief in something they have not personally experienced) to approach the study witchcraft and its underlying esoteric science.

Practical Black Magic: How to Hex and Curse Your Enemies

Practical Black Magic: How to Hex and Curse Your Enemies

And, as wonderful as a lot of witchcraft fiction is, it can really obscure the truth about witchcraft, so people have to sort out for themselves what is “real” — what is possible and what isn’t. In fact, the term “natural witch” may very well be borrowed from the 1993 movie, “The Craft,” in which the bookstore owner tells Sarah she has natural powers inherited from her mother. But, witchcraft is not necessarily a genetic trait anymore than any other kind of natural talent. This is not to say that it can’t run in families, but more often it seems to be something that is in the individual or not, regardless of lineage.

If you have had personal experiences similar to those mentioned in this article, then you may very well be a natural witch. It’s up to you to study traditional witchcraft and other aspects of the occult and further develop your abilities.

Learn more about developing your witchcraft abilities with the following Winter Tempest Books:

Magical Healing: How to Use Your Mind to Heal Yourself and Others

Magical Healing: How to Use Your Mind to Heal Yourself and Others

Practical Black Magic: How to Hex and Curse Your Enemies by Sophia diGregorio

How to Write Your Own Spells for Any Purpose and Make Them Work by Sophia diGregorio

Magical Healing: How to Use Your Mind to Heal Yourself and Others  by Angela Kaelin

Black Magic for Dark Times: Spells of Revenge and Protection by Angela Kaelin, the only spell book especially written for crime survivors.

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178 Responses to “How to Know if You are a Natural Witch: Examples of Witchcraft Powers”

  1. Anthony Clayborn Says:

    I need help with my powers I’m not sure what I’m but I do know that I’m a witch but I’m 4 different things. Can u pls help me and Deep inside I’m a very strong witch and have a lot of powerful magic inside of me. But how do I let some of my true magic out.

    • baronvonbraunschweig Says:


      Thank you for your question.

      To be able to better focus on your true self and your natural abilities, one of the first things to do is “unplug” from the television and most of pop culture. Instead of having noise around you, learn to enjoy more silence so you can sense what is really happening around you and within yourself.

    • I feel different than normal people. Bad people, I can sense their soul.

    • anne brinkley Says:

      Try to draw or paint the visions you see,i started doing this,and do a journal of what you see,sense,and feel,,it helps

  2. Hi. I just want to ask something. I have this “ability” of foreseeing future events such as a death of a loved one which actually happened. I couldn’t consult anyone about it and I’m scared. I keep on dreaming future events and even though I try so hard to stop, it won’t. I can also see through people’s emotions rather easily and there are events wherein I can’t be called normal anymore.
    I need help.
    Can you tell me what is going on with me?

    • baronvonbraunschweig Says:


      Hello! This doesn’t sound at all abnormal to me. The dreams are telling you what is going to happen in the future and you may or may not be able to stop it from happening. My own experience is that there is usually nothing you can do to change what’s about to happen, but you can be better prepared for it.

      It is frustrating not being able to talk to anyone about it. Even if the people around you believe you, it’s not their experience – it’s yours alone.

      While these experiences can be scary at first, it sounds to me like your psychic abilities are simply expanding. Maybe you have recently experienced some traumatic event that set this in motion – at least, that seems to be the case, often.

      It’s not abnormal. Although, you do have to be careful who you share your experiences with. My best advice to anyone experiencing this is to go with it – learn more about your psychic abilities and begin consciously developing and controlling them. After a while, it’s not scary anymore – it’s fun and highly beneficial.

      I hope that helps.

      • Thank you so much for your reply. I’ll do my best to do just exactly what you said. You have been a great help.

      • I have the same thing as he does …. my great grand father and cat died and I knew it was to happen and I also have very strong contact with spirits and I would like to know how to strengthen my abileties without scaring or hurting myself??

      • baronvonbraunschweig Says:


        Hi! Thanks for your question.

        Any kind of meditation will help you. It can be yoga or breathing exercises, but it doesn’t have to be. If you can draw, paint or you like to work with your hands, this can, also, help. Anything that you do that helps you go into a highly relaxed and focused state for longer periods at a time will help you.

        Also, learning to read the tarot, to dowse, to read palms or any related discipline will help you expand your abilities. I really recommend the tarot and dowsing, but study whatever interests you the most.

        If you have friends who share your interest, form a little study group and perform experiments together – do readings for each other, practice with the pendulum or whatever appeals to you.

        As far as not being afraid, the main thing to remember is that psychic abilities are just an extension of the ordinary five senses. It’s perfectly natural – even if we live in a culture that has tried to suppress it or make it seem unnatural (or supernatural). It’s not much different from having better than average seeing or hearing abilities. It’s a sign that your nervous system is working very well and your brain is able to receive and interpret signals – and this ability is especially pronounced when you are in a highly relaxed and focused state.

        I hope this helps. I have a couple of other articles here at this blog that talk about developing psychic abilities, such as “How Learning to Read the Tarot Cards Can Open Up Your Psychic Abilities and Increase Your E.S.P.” and “Signs that Your Psychic Abilities are Developing and How to Increase Your ESP.”

      • thanx heaps and i do draw and ppl say im good at it and im very interested in it ……
        um do you have any er thing that I can test if im a witch or not ??

      • baronvonbraunschweig Says:


        You’re welcome! Psychic abilities are foundational to witchcraft abilities. You can test those yourself using the typical parapsychology tests.

      • I was calling my dog inside last night he was at the bottom at the stairs stairing at me and I kept calling him but he didn’t move not blinking no ear movment or blinking pure stare and nomatter what I did nothing could brake the stare so I went inside 2 mins ltr he comes in then im in bed someone whispers to me *hi* then I feel something cold around my shoulders and neck…… :/ possession and spirit??

    • I was born this way, my mother and grandmother before me as well and I been called a witch since I was a child because When I was a child and I was angry I didn’t understand tolerance and the best advice I can tell you is that when it comes to death, it may feel that because we know when it is coming we may not always be able to stop it, so its ok to feel the way you do but even if you feel you have a gift there are forces greater than us and we may not be like everyone else but its are duty to help as much as we can without causing harm but I admit there are times I lose my cool and a few well deserve accidents happen.

    • anne brinkley Says:

      Your a natural witch,me too,nothing to be afraid of,let it happen,their like mysteries to solve and figure out,spirits atract to us like magnets,and need our help,so they can move have a special gift,

  3. Susan Palmer Says:

    I am a gifted person, I floated off a bed as a child and can see people who have passed, sometimes they show me how they died. They are persistent, how can I get them to leave me alone sometimes and get some peace and quite?

    • baronvonbraunschweig Says:


      Thank you for your comment and question.

      If you have the time, set aside a weekly appointment for these very persistent spirits. Give them 15 minutes, half an hour or whatever amount of time you want to give them at the same time on the same day each week. Whenever they want to talk to you and won’t just leave, invite them to come back at that time, so you can give them your full attention.

      Also, if you have a guardian spirit of some kind, you can ask them to act on your behalf to clear the room of spirits so you can get some rest.

      I hope that helps.

  4. brody wheeler Says:

    hi im 16 now and for about the past year i have been having simple dreams that come true and i dont know what it is… for example last night i had a dream of starring at a white fireplace and today i went to a girls house with one of my friends and ive never been there before but the dream was of her fireplace…what am i? and how do i go about enlarging my powers?

    • baronvonbraunschweig Says:


      Hello! Thanks for your question.

      My advice to you is the same as above. Choose something that helps you practice clearing and focusing your mind – yoga, guided meditation, self-hypnosis, art, crafts, music, etc. There is a big emphasis in our culture on multi-tasking, but this is exactly the kind of thing that scatters your ability to focus. So, whenever you do something – even if it’s just watching a movie – practice focusing on just that one thing at a time and nothing else. This, along with simple breathing meditations, helps you to control your own mind, so you can more easily quiet yourself and focus whenever you choose to do so.

      To expand your abilities, choose any occult discipline that intrigues you and set about mastering it.

      Since, you are having psychic dreams, keep a journal with the times and dates of your dreams. This way when you dream of an event and it happens, you will have a record of this. When you wake up in the morning spend as much time as you can in the twilight state as you try to recall your dreams in detail. Then, promptly write down what you remember in as much detail as you can.

      Whenever you lie down at night to sleep, try to direct your dreams where you want them to go.

      I hope this is helpful.

    • i have dreams of the future too, since i was a child. when i mean child i mean i’m 27 and i’ve been having them since i was 5 or so. i didn’t think much of it as a child and just ignored them. But since my mental state of mind has changed over the years due to many intense situations i have started to pay very very close attention to what i am dreaming of. sleep doesn’t come to me easily so when i do sleep i am grateful for what is coming to me in such a vulnerable state while asleep. when i awake i sit in silence and attempt to recall everything i was shown in my subconscious mind. my suggestions are to embrace this. when i lay down to sleep i put head phones in and on youtube i find music such as thunderstorms with steady rain, anything with flowing water, and the most useful most effective are delta sound waves to help me fall into a deep sleep. i tend to stray away from breaking ocean waves because they seem to make my thoughts choppy and it’s hard to focus. i’ve been doing this for a long time now and dreams are becoming more and more clear to me. sometime during my sleep patterns i knock or pull the headphones gently from my ears which is a good thing because i will tell you it’s dangerous to sleep with them in. But i’ve studied up intently on sleep patterns and the different stages and whatnot. it’s always best to do your homework before trying new things. Also try to spend time alone in solitude, left alone with your thoughts and learn to control them and eventually clear your mind, meditation. spend time with nature. it’s very peaceful and the energy is amazing. humans tend to suck/pull energy from other humans making some of us who are aware feeling tired often or in a bad mood often and they are doing it without even knowing it. when i am around too many people in a day i learned that my energy is so drained and my dreams become very unclear. such as tarot cards, if i have a deck of tarot cards (which i do, dream cards) and someone or others use them, the readings will become mixed and unclear from all others energies being put into them. they must be cleansed and taken very well care of, the same goes for your mind, body, and soul if you want dreams and premonitions to come clearly to you. Also, make sure you awake with gratitude. The universe is trying to tell you something with every dream.

  5. amber ballard Says:

    I have something that keeps happening to me. Hasn’t happened for a while then out of nowhere it did. I wake from sleep but cannot move or speak. I can sense I am not alone. Its NOT a dream. Its real. I wake from sleep but for some reason my body wont move. I feel paralyized but am able to think see and hear. Please help.

    • baronvonbraunschweig Says:

      This sounds like “sleep paralysis.” Sleep paralysis usually occurs when people are waking up or falling asleep and are in that inbetween state. When you are dreaming, your body goes into a state of limited movement – unless you’re a sleep walker, of course – to protect you from hurting yourself as you sleep. But, many people at some time or other experience this for just a short time in the twilight state. It can involve a sense of something pressing down on you or being choked, also.

      Some sleep researchers think that sleep paralysis occurs when the body goes into REM prematurely. It, also, seems to be exacerbated at times when a person is sleep deprived. So, the experts recommend regular and plentiful sleep.

      You might, also, try a little ginger or chamomile tea before bedtime.

      So, what you are experiencing is probably just a natural phenomenon – as frightening as it is!

      If you are concerned that there are entities involved, try doing a spiritual cleansing of the room or the entire house. You can use blessed, salt, Holy Water, White Sage and sweetgrass smudging or whatever procedure you like. You may have to do it more than once for it to become entirely effective.

      Thanks for your question. I hope this answer helps you.

      • Sleep paralysis also happens to me, but one time when I came out of it I sat upright and inhaled a breath as fast as I could and the light bulb in the ceiling light fell out and it exploded before it hit the ground. My bf was in the room when it happened and he seen it too. The light wasn’t turned on and had been off all day. Has anything like this happened to you?

  6. I used to be able to create storms but my abilities have gone away. How can I get them back?

    • baronvonbraunschweig Says:


      Hello! Thanks for your question.

      What did you do before to cause storms?

      • I would just concentrate on wanting it to rain or I’d be really upset then it would rain.

      • baronvonbraunschweig Says:


        Thank you. The reason I asked is that I’ve been working with bringing rain a lot myself lately. There seems to be a procedure and as long as you accomplish that, however you do it, it seems to work.

        One thing that seems important in my experience is having the concentrated force to essentially heat up a cloud. I’d like to write something on this whole thing after I work with it some more.

        Your anger (if it was anger) directed at a cloud, very intensely for a sustained amount of time might be enough to heat up the subtle energy of the cloud, causing it to rain.

        I’ve been experimenting with meditation in which I cause a cloud to heat up and produce rain. The amount of rain that follows seems to relate to my own energy level at the time I do it. So, if I’m feeling tired or depleted, I’m unable to repeat the experiment as effectively.

        I, also, think there is a way to “code” this procedure into something, so you might not have to put as much effort in. For example, there are stories in the Ozarks about rainmakers simply tossing a stone into the air to make rain. But, this act may, itself, be a sort of coded procedure.

        In some of the books, for example, Black Magic for Dark Times, in Chapter 2, there’s a description of this relationship between intense emotions like rage and a meditation procedure that produces energy in the body. This supply of energy, then properly directed is a major source of witchcraft power to do all kinds of things – including causing storms.

        So, this is just wild speculation – but, you may need more energy or simply a more streamlined procedure, or both. This is the thing I’m working on perfecting right now, myself.

        I have an “enemy” (that’s going to the be the next blogpost subject – enemies) who had a little party scheduled for the weekend at a location that would not benefit from rain and I worked for over a week on rain for this day, so that essentially the party would be rained out. This experiment seems to have been very successful. It was dry all week, except this day – and then it rained, all day. But, I’m still working on this… if you are able to do it, again, I’d really love to hear about your experience.

  7. i have alot of expirences. sometimes i see a feather. a white feather falling. everytime ive seen one, someone has died within 2 weeks. it started at a funeral. i saw a feather dropping from the celing of the church. 2 weeks later, someone else died. since then, i’ve seen them everytime. i remember walking home from school when a feather dropped infront of me. i paniced because my parents was taking a airplane that day. later at my aunts house i found out that they were safe. i was relived and thought i was crazy. just a few minutes later, she got a phone cell. a cousin of mine had died. she was 29 and had just dropped to the floor. this summer i saw alot of feathers and though i was crazy and nothing was going to happen, but 3 people died. family.
    my moms bloodline has a lot of “witches”. one of them was burned at the stake. one of the 107 executed in my county. my aunt is a healer. she heals people through the holy spirit.
    ive allways had trouble sleeping. i see shadows in the celing. 3 days a week, i stay up all night because im to afraid to turn of the light. when i was a kid, i sleepwalked. one time, i felt that i was flying into my parents room and watching them sleep. the day after, i was in their bed. i can also sense diffrent “feeling” in rooms. as a example, my room is tense. a “sharp” energy. the other rooms in my house has a calming atmosphere.
    sometimes i get unexplainable dreams. like a picture of a book or an event. later i experience the exact same thing and i get a strong sense of deja vu. am i crazy?

    • baronvonbraunschweig Says:

      It doesn’t sound crazy to me. It sounds like you have a healthy nervous system and well-developed senses!

      It, also, sounds like your deja vue experiences may be memories of dreams. One way to know this would be to try to keep a record of your dreams so you can have this as a reference when you have these experiences.

      Thanks for the comment.

  8. When I was around 7 and my mom would be in pain (she had a lot of back problems) I would place my hands on her and visualize myself taking the pain away, it always worked on her. I could also pray for things and they would always happen, I remember talking to my mother’s best friend who had committed suicide a few years before and she told me to tell me mom to start going to church. I also started having dreams of the world when it came to an end, it’s hard to explain, but I know they were sent to me, they were not my own. I’m 18 now and haven’t done my healing in years, I can feel people’s emotions kind of and I get really uncomfortable being around people. It’s hard to describe, it’s almost like I can feel their emotional pain and it makes me feel well just weird. I have also woken up outside of my body once a few months ago. It was very strange, but I just focused hard and woke up back inside. The gift of healing seems okay to me, but the other stuff where I’m uncomfortable to be around people just seems negative. My brother has told me he can feel people’s emotional pain also, and he has told me he can hear people’s thoughts sometimes and it has a very negative effect in him also. Also someone said how their room has a very sharp energy. My room does and sometimes I can feel the presence of something so strongly I stay awake all night because it’s so scary. How i mentioned when I was little something was giving me dreams it always seemed as a warning. But a few years ago a spirit that I could always feel near me had sent me a dream, it wasn’t important just scared me. But I can tell when I dream something or when it is sent to me. Could I be a natural witch? Or are these more of psychic abilities? Do you have any suggestions about the gifts that make me feel negative? Sorry this is so long, I’m just confused. /:

    • baronvonbraunschweig Says:


      Hello! Thanks for your question.

      Healing really links psychic abilities with witchcraft to me. The type of healing you’re talking about above is similar to what is discussed in “Magical Healing,” and while you don’t really have to be psychic to do it, it can really help. Learning to heal leads to being able to do all kinds of other witchcraft-related things. Psychic abilities and learning to heal are both really foundational to witchcraft. Healing is a practical application of psychic abilities that brings tangible, observable results.

      I often think that the reason for the popular image of the witch living isolated in the woods or the old alchemist living in a cave somewhere is that it sometimes really hard for highly sensitive people to be around other people, especially in any large number. I sometimes feel things, but I can hear other people’s thoughts and it seems that a lot of people have some very negative things running through the fore of their minds. It can be disturbing sometimes. But, you can learn to shut it off and turn it on wide open throttle when you want to.

      Vegetarianism seems to heighten the senses, by contrast eating red meat or other heavy food seems to help dull the senses a little. This is one one way you can try to control it.

      Another thing you can try is to obtain a piece of black tourmaline and suspend it around your neck so that it hangs right about at your solar plexus, that upper part of your abdomen between your lower ribs. That’s where we get the impact of whatever we’re feeling. Empathy is associated with this area of the body and the mineral composition of the black tourmaline helps to deflect lower wave harmonics that are associated with unpleasant emotions. Hold this tourmaline between your palms and sort of talk to it. First, command it to be cleared of whatever previous program it may have had. Then, say, “From now on, your job is to protect me from lower vibrational frequencies and emotions that are not my own.”

      Wear this pendant whenever you want to block those negative experiences. Remove it when you’re going into a situation where you really want or need to feel what is going on – for example, some new or strange environment.

      I don’t think it’s a good idea to completely shut this ability down because it is part of your natural protection. You have the ability to see, hear and feel things with your extra sensory abilities for the same reason that you have your ordinary five senses – they help you navigate in the world and help keep you from getting hurt.

      As far as the experience of some negative presence in your room, this seems like a separate issue. In this case, do some kind of cleansing on that room and the whole house, if possible. It doesn’t really matter what you do, you can smudge with White Sage, sprinkle Holy Water from a Catholic Church, use your own blessed salt, water or oils. You can ask a spirit you work with (could be a saint, an angel, a demon, the ghost of a departed relative – it doesn’t matter as long as you have a good relationship) to cleanse the room of any spirits for you and stand guard over you while you sleep. Often with cleansings, once is not enough, so you may need to do it a few times before things smooth out.

  9. I know I am a natural witch – I have had numerous events over the years that have proven this. I have not forseen the future but within seconds of an event occuring, I tend to blurt out what will happen (usually in the form of a sarcastic comment) and to the shock of others and myself, it happens! I also have some healing abilities and the reverse(causing) but I have learned this comes with my anger so I don’t allow myself to stay angry toward someone. I also sense spirits and I fear allowing this to happen will attract bad spirits as well – it’s a door and anything can walk through it – so I steer myself away from these interactions. I am, however, unaware of why I go through “seasons” with my abilities. There are times where I feel very connected and other times that make me feel that I have ‘lost it’. Is there a possible reason for this occurence or is this a common factor for most witches? Thanks so much for your insight!

    • baronvonbraunschweig Says:


      I think it’s pretty normal, especially with all of the pressures and distractions of modern life, to go through periods when we are more aware of our abilities than other times.

      Part of the study of witchcraft is learning to control the natural abilities you possess. The more control you have, the more you’re able to focus and direct your ability, the more you realize its right there with you all the time. It is all tied to an esoteric science, which the more you understand helps to make whatever you do repeatable. So, abilities don’t really go away, but sometimes we might forget we have them or forget exactly how to use them. So, studying and making a conscious regular use of our ability to do things like heal, harm, communicate with spirits or whatever we do can make us more consistent. In fact, one of the benefits of this is that we are able to do these things when we most need to able to do them.

      Thank you for your comment and question.

      • Could you get back to other people like me waiting you haven’t replied to any one for 3 months please help us

      • littleredridinghood Says:


        I have placed a note at the bottom of the article and in the comments saying ‘m sorry, but there are just not enough people here or time to answer so many questions.

        But, all the comments are being read and taken into consideration for a future article and possibly a book.

        Thanks, again, for the interesting comments.

  10. I have a simple question. What is the difference between a shaman and a natural witch?. Is there a difference?

    • baronvonbraunschweig Says:


      Thank you for the question.

      The answer depends a little on who you ask, mainly because of the use of the word, “shaman.” In my opinion, it has been misapplied a lot.

      The term originates in Siberia and when I think of the proper application of this term, personally, I think of Odin, who is the quintessential shaman. He went into a trance and spoke to the spirits to obtain information, for example, the knowledge of the runes, which were to the benefit of his tribe. In the broader usage of the term, “shaman,” it is applied to the Indians of North and South America, particularly in cases where there is a knowledgeable spiritual leader within a tribe who is able to go into a trance state and obtain information, which could not otherwise be obtained, for the benefit of his or her entire tribe.

      In the very broadest usage of the term, Spiritualist mediums and virtually anyone who goes into a trance state to speak with spirits is a shaman. (I don’t like this definition, at all, but it is used. I tend to prefer the narrower usage. But, it is the anthropologists who come up with this stuff and most of them are not occultists – they study witchcraft only from a third-person perspective.)

      The main contrast between a witch and a shaman is that a witch more often works alone and usually for his or her own benefit – not necessarily the benefit of a group of people or a tribe. That’s the primary difference I can think of using my narrower definition of the term.

      I suppose you could say that shaman are a kind of witch. But, most witches are not shaman because we work mainly for ourselves and are not for the benefit of a tribe.

  11. Hello. I have had a lot of strange events in my life. My earliest memory is at 14 months old.
    I have stomach ‘feelings’ when I make a decision and that determines whether or not my decision is right or wrong sometimes. I listen to my feelings closely but I am not sure if I am witch material. The biggest feeling I had was when myself and my family were returning from a weeks caravan holiday. I told my husband to drive slowly because I had a really bad feeling. I felt it so strong I felt physically sick. He doesn’t believe in all the “heeby geeby” as he calls it but as I was so insistent he listened. I told him something terrible was going to happen although I didn’t know what and started crying. Just as we turned on the motorway and climbed the hill to a crossroad we witnessed a terrible accident. I jumped out of the car and ran over to help. There were 4 children in the car. One of which was the same age as my eldest son. She later died.
    Another time we were going to visit family. As we approached the big hill on the motorway I told my husband to turn around quickly and we need to go home. Because I was screaming he did as I asked. Later I found out if we had continued we could have been the car that was flipped and crushed on that same stretch of road a mile ahead. I haven’t been able to control my feeling and more often than not my dreams come true. I predicted my sister was pregnant and that she was going to have a boy. I haven’t spoken to my sister in two years. She is currently halfway through her pregnancy with a boy, I get updated from my mum. I also recently found a lump in my breast. And with a family history of breast cancer in the women on my mothers side I was concerned. But I had an overwhelming feeling before I went into the dr that I didn’t need to worry. I trusted this instinct. I found out last night that there is a lump but absolutely nothing to worry about. I have always had the feeling of being ‘lost’. I tried many religions but none seemed suited to me. I have tried different lifestyles but cant seem to sync myself with them. Can you help me determine if I am a witch and how I continue from here. Is there a book I should read that will help and explain about being a witch? Thank you so much in advance. Sarah.

  12. P.S There are a lot more things that have happened – not just in the car but I thought I was going to take up too much space. 🙂

    • baronvonbraunschweig Says:


      You’re welcome to take up all the space you want with stories like this. Thank your for your comment.

      These “heeby geeby” experiences you’re talking about have a pretty logical explanation once you have a grasp of how the nervous system picks up signals and how this is tied to the subtle energy systems of the body. It’s simply a sharpened ability to intercept and interpret signals (harmonic wave forms) in the environment, which are not much different than the signals your nervous system and brain perceive and interpret whenever you see or hear with your normal five senses. This is just an extended ability and like other “muscles” in the body, the more we exercise them the stronger they get and the more we have control over them.

      Winter Tempest Books has a growing number of books on traditional witchcraft and psychic abilities. Traditional witchcraft (non-Wiccan, historically-based witchcraft) is a vast subject, so the best thing to do is to pick one or two specific areas that interest you and begin there. If you are interested in further developing your psychic abilities, mastering the tarot cards is one way to experience more growth and control of your abilities. The book, How to Read the Tarot for Fun, Profit and Psychic Development talks about how to study the system involved in the tarot, which is really a key to the esoteric science encoded into the Kabbalah. The tarot is a big door opener to the occult sciences and this book is sort of the anti-tarot manual for tarot readers who rely to much on tarot manuals. The tarot is a serious discipline, which when studied and used can do wonders for further opening up your psychic abilities.

      How to Develop Advanced Psychic Abilities
      talks more about obtaining specific information through clairvoyance. How to Communicate with Spirits discusses various methods of spirit communication, in particular, and how to succeed.

      If your interest goes beyond psychic abilities, we have a number of books on witchcraft – What’s Next After Wicca? is for Wiccans who are interested in moving on and contains a lot of suggestions for how to study traditional witchcraft. For people who are interested in potion-making, there’s the Traditional Witches’ Formulary and Potion-making Guide: Recipes for Magical Oils, Powders and Other Potions and for those interested in understanding the anatomy of successful spell-casting and construction there is How to Write Your Own Spells for Any Purpose and Make Them Work. Traditional witchcraft is really a life-time study, so the thing to do is just dive in wherever you see something that really interests you. When you’ve exhausted that area of study, move onto the next.

      The best way to begin with the practical study of witchcraft, itself, is to learn how to heal. Magical Healing: How to Use Your Mind to Heal Yourself and Others shows you the power of the mind and discusses why mental healing works. It is a practical application for both psychic and witchcraft abilities, which brings tangible results. Learning to heal is probably the most foundational aspect of witchcraft because once you understand how to heal this way, you understand how to use the same abilities to do other things, for example, to cause harm to an enemy and manipulate the outer environment.

      The main thing to understand is that there really is an alternative science behind witchcraft, which is very often contrary to the theories of orthodox science – witchcraft is scientific heresy, both historically and presently. When you set on the course of witchcraft study, you have too try to look for truth without prejudice, prepared to cast aside belief and rely on your own experiences and experiments.

      That’s a long explanation, but I think it’s really up to you where you want to begin.

      Thank you for the great comment and question.

  13. Thank you ever so much for that. I am particularly interested in the psychology – in both the psychic sense and the scientific – behind a lot of day to day decisions and I do question other peoples decisions and what they are willing to accept. I feel sometimes other people are on a different planet – well maybe it is just me! I have a strong need or will for justice. I have had a lot of hardship and un-just in my life and am currently going through yet another where I feel unjustified and I am doing everything to justify the situation. I strongly believe in positive thinking and asking the universe and that helps me make things ‘go my way’ as such. I do not intend to be selfish. I have 5 children and I understand more than most about the power of giving is more important than the power of receiving. I will take this journey step by step and just make sure I hold onto my feelings and knowledge and new discoveries I make on my life journey. I was told by my mother I am an indigo child and after reading up about it I cried. I was scared but 8 years on I can finally accept who I am…who I might be…and I just feel my self being complete in the future. I do not know what my ‘Job’ is here on earth but since I have dedicated most of my life to my siblings and now my children, maybe I can start to focus. I am so pleased you accepted what I said and you willingly helped instead of mocking me or telling me Im talking ‘heeby geeby’ I am so happy that there are some people out there that understand me and the other things that may not be part of the general human race. There is a higher plain, there is an inner being and there is the opportunity for harmony. If only we all accepted this…how peaceful would our world be then. It would be magikal.xx Love and peace to you, you have made a difference in my life. Be proud.x

  14. Hi, so there has been a lot that has been going on recently that makes believe that me and my family (sisters and mom) are witches. It is something my mom won’t talk about. But as of recently, about 6 months ago, I had my aunt who is dead, talk to me to give me a message to her daughter and my mom. I did not see her but heard her in my head. I have not hear anyone else since then. I have always been one to trust my instincts, they have never been wrong. I can usually predict stupid things, like who will win in football games. But lately i have been really anxious and nervous, and sometimes i can hear somebody calling my name, but when i look no one is there. So, I think that there is something going on, but I am wondering if i should pursue it or if it is all in my head? Also, my son who is 10, I am pretty darn sure is an empath. He naturally gravitates towards those who are sick, sad, or hurting and comforts them without him knowing they are feeling this way. And he is terrific with animals, even those animals that are mean, they love him.
    Anything you can help with would be great, thank you.

    • baronvonbraunschweig Says:


      One way to take control of this situation and find out if it’s “all in your head” or not is to conduct your own seance, automatic writing or spirit board session. Make an appointment to speak with whoever is trying to communicate with you. Quiet your mind, run a video or audio recorder and see if you can ascertain who is talking to you and why they are trying to get your attention. You can do it alone or with people who are interested in spirit communication. If you’re not successful the first time, try it, again.

  15. hello, I’ve had some small incidences throughout my life that i’ve always written off as coincidences. As i’ve gotten older i’ve started to question these incidences more and more.

    A few months ago, my sister and I were sitting outside during a thunderstorm having a passionate conversation about someone we both disliked. During this conversation I mentioned how hoped the person got struck by lightning and even pictured it in my head. My sister and I both returned into our house and less than 5 minutes later our house was struck by lightning, shattering two windows and we were both slightly shocked by the electricity. The lightning had stuck our house a few feet from where my sister and I were sitting. I assumed this was a great coincidence until I started looking back on my life and thought of other strange occurrences. I’ve heard of natural witches being able to cause storms but I haven’t found any experiences involving lightning.

    Also, a few years ago I had a terrible ‘night terror’ where I experienced drowning in a car as it sank into a river by a young females point of view. The dream left me shaken for days until my mother told me about an accident that had happened a few miles from my house. The type of car, number of victims and their ages were all exact to my dream. I am unaware if this dream happened before or after the accident but has always left me curious if there was any reason why I had it. I’ve always been sensitive to spirits but nothing to this extreme. After that experience I researched into physic abilities but none of their labels felt right.

    The recent experience has left me weary to even attempt manipulating lightning again since I was lucky my home didn’t catch on fire. Do you think I should continuing researching natural witches or am I going down the wrong path? and In your opinion, do you think these two experiences connect in anyway?

    • baronvonbraunschweig Says:


      Lightning bolts are associated with witchcraft, but I’m thinking you might want to experiment with less volatile weather conditions before you work with lightning. Rage is, also, associated with witchcraft, but part of the trick is controlling the energy associated with that rage, condensing it and focusing it to make things happen.

      Of course, to me natural or traditional witchcraft is the only “path.” It’s a study of the esoteric sciences in a very personal, hands-on kind of way.

      Psychic abilities, while they can be a stand-alone experience, are also closely associated with witchcraft. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t continue to explore both and use them together.

  16. good afternoon

    I’m 20 years old, male, living in the middle east, witchcraft, energy, and all of these things, despite the differences, always made sense to me ever since i was a kid, like 1+1=2. as simple as that, there were times where i decided to stop it or just live the ordinary life, and file it up as a childhood fiction phase, and focus on energy healing, psychic development ..etc, but always and always.. it leads me back to it.. again, back to witchcraft, to occult, I read alot, but am not sure about what to do.. as far as i know , I dont have any super powers.. only if you count, helping people through their problems and through their traumas as one, I do tarot cards, seems to work well. , and i seem to get it.. to get how it all works, and feel it all.. how the universe works. and it works through us, and how witchcraft does work .. and how its all connected. I just dont know steps and how to begin correctly, can you help me out, tell me what do ? lead the way ❤ thanks in advance

    best regards.


    • baronvonbraunschweig Says:


      The tarot is an excellent key to opening up psychic abilities and understanding “the mysteries” – that is the construct of the universe and how things came to be. I definitely encourage the study of the tarot to anyone who wants to expand their psychic abilities. It’s one of the best ways to do it.

      The human body may be seen as a microcosm of the universe. Learning to heal involves learning to manipulate energy fields surrounding the body and its organs. Once you realize you can do that, you begin to understand how it is possible to manipulate energy in the outer environment, as well. These things are related. But, learning to heal provides you with a kind of a laboratory in which you can experiment and see tangible results. The kind of healing discussed in “Magical Healing: How to Use Your Mind to Heal Yourself and Others,” is the kind where you use your mental energy field to find resonance with the fields of the various organs and systems in the body. Once you can do that – and it’s really not that hard, the most difficult thing is probably overcoming the programmed belief in scientific materialism, which is all around us – you can do other things. That kind of healing and the ability to manipulate the outer environment is witchcraft. From that point – once you can heal – you simply begin building and expanding on your abilities.

      • thanks for shedding some light, it helped connect things better, now since you’re experienced, which field exactly i should concentrating on ? I mean clairsentience, clairvoyance, I mean what way do you recommend i should start working on ? and thanks alot for your effort ❤


        PS : does it make me natural witch, regarding my earlier post ?? or just someone who's interested in the practice ?

  17. I always wondered what I had and why I could do things others could not. I never thought I was special, I guess I assumed everyone experienced what I do in different ways. I have always been able to pick up emotions, thoughts, agendas hidden beneath the surface. Which is just an ability, not necessarily witchcraft. However, the ability I have is men fall in love with me. Like a spell falls over them and I have seen men become completely different with me. They will do anything I ask. I mean anything. I don’t use it intentionally. It just happens. I could be next to a woman who is, IMO, much more attractive than me but they always want me. As far as several have proposed on first meeting. I have had to block people because 10 yrs later some of these men still want to be with me and some have even stayed single in hopes of having me for a decade! It is very bizarre. These are attractive successful men who could have any woman. Even in other situations, it is like I can direct people to do what I would like them to do without hesitation. Someone said its something in my eyes, idk… I have been told by other people who have this, that I have “it” and much stronger than I realize. I’m just not sure what “it” is and how to use it. I have practiced casting spells (harmless) to see if they would work and they always do. I did a chant before bed a few years back 2009, to see the face of my soulmate, I saw his eyes, green. A year later I met him, same green eyes and we have been together 3 yrs now and are getting married. I have dreams that happen all the time, but that is just the in tune side of me.

    • Also, I want to learn how to control it. I don’t want men to fall in love with me. It hurts me when I see married men act like that around me. I feel terrible to the point if I think about it when I’m alone it brings me to tears. It also makes my fiancé very insecure and often asks me why I’m with him when I could have any man. That hurts me that he feels that way because he is all I want. I want to learn how to turn it off.

      • baronvonbraunschweig Says:


        It sounds like you could benefit from a love counter-spell or possibly a talisman to ward off these unwanted “affections.” An invisibility spell or talisman might be helpful, too, so that you can move about in public without this annoying and disturbing problem.

        “It” might be the influence of Aries, which causes people to be very sexually magnetic. People who have the moon in Aries in their astrological charts often have more of “it” than they’d like sometimes. If you have these astrological influences, a talisman to reverse or antidote this harmonic frequency may help to counter it.

      • My moon is in sagittarius, my venus, mars and lilith are in aries. “It” wasn’t just a reference to the “affections”. It was from experiences throughout my life and times I have been approached by psychics and people with their own abilities that said I have a natural “gift” (I wouldn’t call it that, sometimes it is a curse and it hurts to know things and feel things you don’t want to and no one understands) that I need to harness because it was given to me for a reason. I have asked for things inside myself and they appear. Little things, like I could be walking alone and say, I need a cigarette, and focus on how badly I want one and look down and find three on the sidewalk, the same brand I smoke. (has happened) same with money on the ground when I have been stressed about not having any, things will just randomly appear when I need or want them. There have been so many different things, I couldn’t possibly remember them all.

  18. I used to get dreamas of the future, but they stopped. I don’t why tey stopped, but what I do know I’ve felt like that specialness of me just disappeared. I fell like nothmy dreams. I also have the constantfeeling that I possess more power in me than I show. How do I develop them to find out what the are? I also go into these involuntary trances sometime where I feel like my body isn’t mine. I don’t know exactly how to explain it, but it’s like I look into the mirror and I see someone who isn’t me, and I feel numb at those moments. What is going on?

    • baronvonbraunschweig Says:


      It probably sounds pretty dull, but getting in the habit of doing short meditations every day – while resting, bathing or before sleeping helps to focus and calm the mind. This is a good way to keep control of your psychic abilities.

      Re: Seeing other faces in the mirror. What you’re seeing may be the influences of ancestors or other spirits. As long as it isn’t hideous or terrifying, it’s probably not something to worry about. It sounds like you have some trance-mediumistic abilities and what you’re experiencing at these times may be an attempt by a spirit to make contact with you.

      Meditation, learning to heal, reading the tarot are all great places to start getting control over and developing your abilities.

  19. Hi!!!
    I always see dreams and them a few days later they came true. And sometimes I have this thing, I imagine things and later they came true. realy. Two days ago I woke up and i didn’t want to go in school (I was very tired) it was raining but not to much, I opened the window, saw the sky and I inagine a storm and sed “please rain” a few times and 2 min latter started a storm I swear. This has hapen to me also when I was 10, I saw the sky and I sed to rain.
    I need your help. Is just normal or I am a witch??? Please reply. Tell me more about those things.

  20. forgive me if this is my second post, but I just need someone to talk to, I live in the middle, east, Dubai in particular, i’m Arab, so you don’t get to meet people or talk about this, no witch-stores, there’s barely a small one for gem stones and angel cards, and tarot cards
    so internet is my one and only savior at the moment.

    , so recalling back memories, I remembered, those things that seem sometimes unnatural, at a low level somehow like, I’ve always been told, how come people like you a lot, its like I’ve seen people, who don’t really like me, at first sight for lots reasons, and then once they get to know me, they say you’re like-able, a few friends , close ones, told me, its unnatural how people seem to like you instantly and and easily get to know you and share secrets. not so sure if it has anything to do with my sexual orientation, but attraction is also there, to same sex and the opposite, they say. you’re just attractive, and am not sure if its about the looks,, because mine are naturally average, normal.

    Ive always wanted to help people, you know just be there, mentally, emotionally. and ive been told am wise beyond my years.

    my numerology path life is 11, and am Gemini, I’ve always felt how weird, the duality seems to be there in my chart, like Gemini, path life 11, i always draw half angels half demons, or a heart with one wing and bat wing, my understanding to witchcraft is as early as 9 years old, the love and the passion towards it, and even if i back off .. one way or another, am reading about occult and witchcraft. I really want to develop it, to reap all of its benefits, its wisdom, its joy, and even the power it gives

    bottom line dear, am I a witch ? or an open minded person who’s into reading, because am really into reading, i majored in mass communication afterall, or am I natural witch ? i would love to hear your thoughts in words ❤


  21. Hello i was reading through the stories you posted about Examples of Witchcraft Powers or Abilities, and i have to admit I am kind of shocked and surprised. Some of those incidents happened to me as well. At the age of 5-7 I would always dream about myself floating in circles, leaving my home, floating around the neighborhood and each time would feel so real but i knew it was just a dream until one night while “dream floating” i suddenly awoke and found myself floating about a foot off my bed and suddenly i dropped and never dream t about it or was able to do it again…

    Another incident occurred while i was being driven home by my mother and i was in such a rage, i don’t remember why but i was so angry at my mother that i kept picturing in my head our car crashing on the side of the road. Now this was a 40 min drive and as i kept picturing the accident in my head it started raining and suddenly we crashed, my mother’s car ended up on the right side of the street on top of the sidewalk…she had lost control, but no one was harmed. I was 16 years old…

    There is other things with me that might be considered normal/ not normal but these are things that people know me by. I hate to sound like this but i sometimes say things that happen…i sometimes know the future, i tell my friends what is going to happen in the next few weeks and they actually happen. My friends now seriously believe i am a psychic. They try asking me for their future but i can’t just do it when i want, it comes to me at random times. Another normal/ not normal thing is when it comes to me and people i can always get them to do what i want. At first i just thought i was a great manipulator but when i want people to really do things for me they always happen. I know i shouldn’t do things like that but i have gotten both men and women to buy me expensive clothes, expensive food, take me traveling, give me money even when they know i have money, and other things…i have always denied them the money but i find it weird that they would go to that extent. I ask them “why are you doing this for me?” and they all have replied with “because i want to and you’re Edgar everybody loves you.” and i feel extremely awkward. They have even given me an embarrassing nickname that represents how i get anything i want…I hope this doesn’t make me sound arrogant because i am actually a really nice person i don’t take advantage of anything serious but i want to know whats my situation

    Another thing i have always wondered about myself is the way only cats react to me, ever couple of months or so i have a random cat meowing outside of my door in the middle of the night, its never the same cat but the last time it happened it was a black cat, i always open the door and they’re always nice so i feed them and before i go to bed i let them out and never see them again. People have told me that it is a bad omen but i never really listen.

    If you have any knowledge on what is going on with me PLEASE let me know my stories are all 100% true. I am not that familiar with witchcraft but i want to learn more about it because i have this feeling in my gut that tells me this is what i should be doing, ever since i was a young kid i have known. I am now 20 years old and my family and friends have always told me that im not normal.

    Do you know of any websites that deal with real witchcraft so that i may learn. Also like others i feel like everything has been slowly fading away, do you know how i can recover my abilities? PLEASE HELP!

  22. briana gotay Says:

    my mom says when iwas alittle girl iuse to play with fire and when iwas alittle girl the died would come to my dreams and give me message to my family members itry to do the stuff iread but nothing works. when im aroun candles they never move what does this mean pleas HELP

  23. I’m 17 years old and I’ve been abused since I was born. I’ve had basically a of the experiences listed above all completely unintentional. I’ve caused storms during my most ballistic crying moments, I’ve cause my uncle to fall down a flight of stairs in my anger and almost through a glass door however in the realization of what was happening I immediately changed my train of thought to prevent anymore harm, I’ve caused so vs to play on the radio and certain commercials to come on tv just by thinking about it or what I typically do is daydream on the thought. I can basically read people’s minds as crazy as that sounds that’s why a lot of my friends come to me for help with their life because I can easily pick into their brains and figure out how they work and how their feeling and how to help them. I can manipulate people’s moods with my own for example of I’m depressed everyone near me will feel it same as if I were happy. I can steal people’s energy when I’m running low on my own and I can’t even control it. I can bend flames if I concentrate really hard and make water tremble if I concentrate really hard. For so long I used to think I was crazy but as I’ve been getting older these abilities have been growing I guess you could say like they’ve become more frequent and like stronger. I originally never had control but now that it happens more often it seems scary not having control. The only thing is I know when I’m going to do something like that, it’s this feeling that I’ve started noticing like a warmth that spreads around my body, I learned to like cool myself down I guess you could say but it doesn’t always work. Sometimes I don’t notice when I do these things but when these things happen my eye color and hair color change to the same color, it varies from a shade of red, blue, hazel, grey, black. When my hair and eyes change it makes my pupils go blue. I feel like an absolute freak. The kids at school make fun of me and that just makes me angry and makes these things occur more and more. I guess I’m telling you all this because you seem to know a lot about witches and stuff and I’m kind of desperate to know how to control this. I know magic is in my bloodline and I always thought it was cool but never realized it could have gotten passed down to me because no one else in the family seems to have any of this. I’m the only one that does these crazy things and on top of that I can communicate with the dead. I’m not sure what to do but how do I control these things? As I get older they just get worse. Please help I just want it to stop

  24. I CAN fell danger and i can make wind blow do i natural witch?

  25. I feel peoples emotions around me. I can all of a sudden get sad, excited or lonely. Other times I already know how something is going to turn out, no coincidence i just kind of already know. Then when i get really mad, this happened on 2 occassions gusts of wind started & on the last occassion it started to rain. Ive always been into witchcraft its something i have been interested in since i was young. I would want to be more in tune but how?

  26. ok. this is probably a wind up and im gonna sound thick but when i feel something, an emotion weird things happen. a few days ago i was sitting in my room and my sister burst in the door screaming, my mam said i went pale and she saw it too, the roof of my room rattled and it started to snow inside, im a little freaked and it would be nice for some explanations…

  27. alexis sarinopoulos Says:

    I haven’t found out my abilities, but I can feel that I have them. I can’t explain. My mother and grandmother were very into magic. but my question is, how do I figure out What my abilities are?

    • i had that same problem for a while and you just have to wait until it comes naturally i wouldnt try to force it

  28. I really don’t know how to start…. Ok well for starters I can see spirits and comunicate with them at will…. I can see future events within my dreams… I can tell weather or not someone is telling the truth or not just by looking in their eyes… Well those are my psychic abilities… Now for the weird stuff: I can’t get cold ever! I can start fires with my mind when I’m angry… As well as put them out… But the thing that scares me the most is that I have memmories and dreams of people and places I’ve never even seen…. In times long ago, way long ago as in I am deffinately not 300 years old last time I checked… Can you help me figure out what this is… Every thing I read says its past life memmories but it can’t be coz then i was killed by a evil guy who could controle darkness…. See not really a possibility…

    • I would love to talk to you mire about this! I don’t work with this site, i just really love your comment. Mind emailing me to talk more?

    • Hello,

      I have recently be dealing with an entity in my grandmother’s home that is attached to her. I have been visiting this bookstore called the Phoenix and Dragon and I was told that she must have married the entity because she refuses to let go of it. It constantly provokes me to feed off of me. I spoke with a few associates at this store and I was told that I may be a witch. I have an extremely strong pull towards stones and I can sometimes see hazy like shapes either around someone or close by. I also have times when I feel I have such power (which is the only word I can describe) within me that I feel strong, powerful and able to fight. I don’t know what or why but that is how I feel sometimes. Also I am very intuitive to people, can tell when someone is upset and I have also invisioned things happening or “coming true”. Does this make any kind of since? Because I don’t want to sound crazy.



    • I don’t understand the last part. Are you saying that its not possible that someone can control darkness, yet you can control fire? And while your physical body might not be 300 yrs old, maybe your soul could be a lot older… I don’t have dreams that I can remember of past lives, but I do remember a lot of dreams that seem to be from this lifetime but in another time line, if that makes sense…

  29. jane clarin Says:

    I really want to be a witch but how? Is there a spell to turn me into one? Please help

  30. jane clarin Says:

    I really want to be a witch how can I be one? Is there a spell to turn me into one? Plz help me

  31. Hi, similar to Toni’s story, I can make certain things happen if I want them to. I was just wondering how to increase this power of mine, thanks 🙂

  32. I dont have pyschic dreams or anything but i can make the wind blow or calm down one time I was mad and when I went outside all of the trees around me started to blow hard and when after that I felt a little drained and calmed down.

  33. when i was a child i remember very vividly several accounts where unussual things happend with me. for one i remember making the lid of a jelly jar levitate travel a few feet to the left then fall onto the floor. I was frightened and left the jelly on the counter open for hours my mother of course did not belive me and still does not belive me till this day. I also remember being a little older and levitating above my bed looking down at the bed and the falling back onto the bed suddenly, another thing no one in my family belives….. I also used to have cryptic dreams that upon retelling would cause unusual weather patterns and or activity in my house (glasses breaking,lights flickering, unexplainable noises) this my parents were forced to belive as they expirianced it as well…….. I have also seen what i belive to be spirits but the mijority of this happened before i was 16 years old, and i stopped having any of these expiriances for years (age 15-22 to be exact) then when i was 22 i moved and had a very uneasy expiriance I couldent sleep durring night time hours doors would move in my home as i walked by and i saw and heard figures in my room. after a while these things also cessed i havent had an expiriance for over 3 years now is it possible to lose your ability? do I have this so called trait?? or do you account my expiriances to something else?

  34. I very strongly believe in the christian faith. however i also have a interest in the ‘supernatural abilities’ or even being psychic. I have hightened senses; i can hear people’s conversations at school even if they’re sitting across the room while others are talking, i can see farther than the average human, i can feel vibrations (like for example when I have Math class i can feel the teacher’s voice), I could smell my friend’s lip chap when she put it on in class even though she sits a few desks away, and sometimes i can taste scents. Its kinda creepy but i know what people smell like. everbody has a scent. i love cats, and cats love me. there are so many strays nea my house and i have made friends with all of them. cats are the easiest for me, but im good with other animals too. I have always been inerested in psycology and noetic sciences (the study of thought mass and how it effects other objects). when people have problems they often talk to me. idk why though. like there was this girl at school i didnt really know but one day she came up to me and told me she cuts herself and showed me the scars. we would talk about it and she walked away feeling good. this has happened with several other people too. now, i do not wish to speak to spirits or sumon demons, but there are somethings in witchcraft i am interested in. so i have 2 questions for you. is there a type of witchcraft that is not ‘black majick’ or connected to the devil? and do you think (based on my story) that i have potential for ‘supernatural abilities’? oh and btw, i dont really like tarrot cards, but palm reading sounds interesting.

  35. Crystal M Says:

    A few of the occurrences listed have happened with me. I have a question. Why do I sometimes smell sweet scents, like vanilla or flowers?

  36. I need help to gain powers I been involved in craft for 5 years and all the sudden I stopped for 2 yrs starting this months feels like I need to get back what would you suggest I would really appreciate your help BB

  37. Please help me…

    So I am 14 years old and when I was 13 and in 8th grade, i had an odd week. I had a dream one night that the fire alarm at school went off and that there was a fire. The next day in school, the fire alarm went off when I was in the same class that i was in in my dream.

    A day or two later, there wad a full blackout at school. I had daydreamed that something big would happen a day before.

    I thought i could control what happen so playfully i kept having day dreams that would come true. Like little things such ad when someone would say hi to me. Small stuff.

    I kinda blew it off, but not that i am in highschool, a few guys always accus me of being a witch and putting spells on people or things. It hurts a bit, but i am also wishing that i am a witch. I have believed in witchcraft since i was young since my mom loves the witchcraft shops and we always go in them…

    Is it possible that everything that happened last year could be a sign that i am a witch? I read the examples and i didn’t see anything about people DAYDREAMING about what would happen. And i used to have dreams of things that would happen but it stopped. Now i just have them once every 3 months.

    My mom also has this happen. She always has dreams that come true. Could it have been passed down or what? What is with the daydreaming thing? And how could i enhance it to make sure things come true? Please help. I really wish that i am a witch and i seriously feel like i am. And what are some other signs of being a witch?

    (I am directly related to King Henry 8th and Bloody Mary if it means anything.)

    • I should also mention that i can sometimes make wind blow if i focus hard enough. I used to ‘pretend’ to make wind blow the grass with my hand and was always so happy when it did. Today i wanted to try it out and when there was no wind, the flag started to blow. When people showed up though, it stopped.

  38. Hi my name is angel I am 15 and I have 1 friend who is a physic I am a natural born witch but don’t know to control my powers plz help me

  39. denise crisci Says:

    Ive become more and more interested in witchcraft since having these strange dreams. In my dreams I can fly around my house. Not fly, but literally lift myself off the ground at will. You said witchcraft is not a genetic thing, yet all the women on my mothers side are “mediums.” Could this have been passed to me?

  40. I am not a female so perhaps I’m a natural “warlock”. In any case, I was in a terrible car accident about 10 years ago that completely jarred my state of mind. Ever since then I have manifested the ability to sense when things are going to happen, even if they are minor incidents, change traffic lights from red to green simply by thinking about it and several months ago I shattered a glass from way across the room simply by pointing at it. I even saw a slight spark on the glass when this happened. At least two others witnessed this and said “How did you do that?”. I swear I’m not making this up. What do you think? BTW I’m no spring chicken, I’m in my late 40’s.

  41. Ive been having alot of disturbing dreams lately.. Witches, dogs starring at me, me observing a black dog but then i feel that i was looking at myself.. The other night i had a dream of a witch, or atleast i had the feeling that she was, but it seem to me like she was those back in the days type of witches, like native, or just some sort of back in the days type of witch and she says “Everything comes with a price and karma will come back…” thats all she said to me.. and i wear hair extensions and then my mother believes it might be part of it.. but ive been having those hair extensions for over 4 months or so and tho barely happened about last month.. plus the other time i was giving a friend of mine a tarot reading and then i suddenly feel the presence of this grandfather passing away, having cancer, and it being a sudden death and he says i was right.. mom always jokes around saying that im a witch, since i have a temper and something about me doesnt allow me to get too tempered because then something might happened.. then once my sister couldnt her baby daddys money to go grocery shopping and then i just pictured him hiding the money insice a sock drawer wrapping it as a ball and just stuffing it there and i tell her to look at that place and she just gave me a shocking face.. when that happened i just sort of just got the vision, not necessarely blackinh out, but just focusing and catching that picture.. and reading peoples mind is waay too easy for me.. but i always ask myself.. what am i? psychic, medium, healer, witch, etc anything…

  42. Im scared to use my abilities. When I was a child. I remember focusing on the wall. Lifting my mind to upper level of my consiousness. Leaving my body. Watching it. I felt cold when i went back into my body. I know what evil is. I sense peoples evil. Some know I have picked it up some don t. I feel there are different levels of our brain. Which are survival escapes.
    I remember meeting this woman. She had the same historical feel to her, as I have. She stole my plastic diomond ring off my finger her brother warned her, what could happen. Her brother died after. Everytime someone threatens my with violence some how i build safe barrier. Some one always comes to my rescue.

  43. Hello im 21 and since i was a kid i have dreAms that happen or events happen to me like when i was 13 my grandpa told me he was going on a trip driving byhimself and something or someone told me in my ear that would be the last time i saw him that he was going to pass one week later i found out he passed . I always can dream about new life months before my friends or people who know my friends i dream about them finding out there pregnant and i see the sex of the baby never am i wrong i also dream other things that happen months or years later what am i ? How can i open this power more ?

  44. I have powers I have use them before but they have not been used in awhile so I don’t know how to use them anymore. I’ve been told I am a natural witch that can use their power or the power of nature. the powers I had when I was little include spirit sitting, communicating, felling their sorrow, hearing peoples thoughts, move things, causing people pain, tacking away peoples pain, healing, crating fire at one point, and flying sort of 3 inches off the ground for about 5 minutes witch you practical covered in the examples even thou I notes all the examples are female and I am not does that matter.

  45. baronvonbraunschweig Says:

    Thank you for all the comments and question.

    Unfortunately, the number has become a little overwhelming and there is not enough staff to answer them and tend to regular business, but we have read them all and will try to address some of the issues and questions presented in future articles.


  46. HI. Im a bit synical about witchcraft but not enough to know when I feel something. Things happen to me that may not be a sign of witchcraft but i thought i would ask. I can sometimes guess certain things or think them before they happen. For example on a tv program sometimes i know what they will say or do next. I have always felt since being around 25 that there is something different about me. I want to be different. How can i further look into this? I hope you can help.

  47. Carmen brooks Says: name is Carmen.I’m 33 yes old.My gift an powers been in me since birth.over the years I’ve been just paying attention&learning about it on my own.I see the past; present ,future, earth ages all of it comes true or means something.I hear some peoples thoughts in my I saw sentences&words flying in the air for me to the power in me called out to other powerful witches.I just found out today I’m a witch.I thought I just had a unique gift.But there’s so much that I see feel &know.I need to know do I have to study anything,?an I know today who my husband&new baby going to be.I feel that my new child needs me to protect him.He’s going to be a witch to.What is the witch definition for males,? I know women are witches.

  48. Carmen brooks Says:

    I left a comment earlier did u get it

  49. is it possible to suppress these abilities if you don’t want them. If you just want to be “normal”?

  50. Anonymous sorry Says:

    Hello, I’ve been doing research because of an event that occurred the other week and my research lead me here. I was walking my dog the other night and I was focusing on making a cold breeze come along just because I know my fathers side of the family does witchcraft but my mothers side of the family has kept me away but I have always felt different with them like it’s hard to explain but anyways. While focusing on making a cold breeze I ending up creating a very strong wind. I was quite shocked onto what I created but during the summer I discovered that I’m able to see people’s auras, which is fascinating. I need help onto how I can practice this gift I have?… Oh and these past days my mother took a picture infront of the house and the face of the devil appeared. I’m not sure what that means either?

    • Anonymous sorry Says:

      I would really love to know how I can practice this, it’s hard since I have no contact with my father nor his family and well searching for things on the Internet isn’t easy. Please,will you give me some advice?

  51. I just want to learn witchcraft,
    I don’t know if I am a real witch but I want to learn.
    I think I could come something amazing I just want to learn how

  52. Hello,

    I have had some experiences with psychic abilities and other magical things.
    When I was younger, I had a surgery that I needed to undergo, (I was about 3) And when I was being taken into the surgery room, my family was a wreck, And I, being 3, Comforted them by saying, “I will be okay, I know it.” I remember vividly, seeing my dead great grandma, that I had never met before, In a pink dress suit, kissing me on the cheek. She told me to say Hi to Ron, Her son and my grandfather, And that she is okay. After my recovery of my surgery, my grandpa was awoken by me very late at night, according to him, I told him everything that his mother has said. I even explained what She was wearing, later figuring out that she was buried in exactly what I had described.
    I have practiced witchcraft before, I used to be way into it. (sorry about taking up so much space) Magic was always something I was into. I can strongly sense energy, and I can sense people’s emotions.
    How can I further these experiences? Also, How can I determine If I am a natural witch?

  53. Keri Chioda Says:

    Hi my name is Keri. I have always believed in witchcraft and I have even studied it a little bit. But, up until now I am still questioning myself if I could be something unordinary. There are things that I have done in the past that make me wonder. One of the first memories I have of myself doing something weird is when I was about 11 and I was outside staring at this huge tree. I can’t remember what I was doing but I started focusing on the leaves and a few seconds later, all of them started to blow as if the wind was blowing them. Then when I wanted them to stop, they did. I don’t know what I experienced that day but it is something that I’ll never forget. Another thing I experience is dreaming about certain people or things that end up happening within a few days. This is something that has been happening for a long time. The last two things that I would like to share and the most unusual experience for me that I still deal with is thinking about a show or movie. You see, any time I think about a show or movie it either ends up coming on the tv channels later that same day that I visioned it or the next day. This experience actually just happened to me a few days ago. The very last thing is that I can vision what happens before it does. It can usually be about anything. One experience I had with this was when I was listening to music with my brother and I would say the next song that was coming on before it actually came on without even knowing. He didn’t understand how I knew this and I didn’t either. So you see, I’ve had my fair share with weird things happening to me and I need help understanding what I might be or what they mean. I’m sorry to write so much but I don’t understand how this is happening or where it is coming from, please help me!

  54. um…(sorry i’m kinda shy) okay so i’m 17 and my grandmother always use to tell me our family had a history of witch’s /witch craft at a very young age i developed a talent for art but the things i would draw would always be strange as i got older the “dreams” where the art came from became more vivid and could recall them with out having to draw them it would be simple things like a fall while i was playing and things like that so i would try my best to avoid the “accident i dreamed” as i got older something new started to happen if i wanted something i always got it… allow me to explain lets say i wanted to be the lead in the school play i would get the role, i would be picked first for things, teachers would “forget” about the homework that was dew that i didn’t do it seems that i never run out of opportunities… also i have a gift for knowing not major things, just the little ones like the answer to something will pop into my head every now and again and i cant explain where i got it from and i’m sure i had never heard of it before, and the last thing is i know when something is wrong with someone… example: my 1 year old cousin was very sick but aunt and mother thought it was nothing major and i took one long look at him and said its his appendix it will burst and no one believed me at first but i was 100% sure that’s what it was and didn’t give up till he saw the doctor and sure enough that’s what it was… i kinda have never told anyone this before so i was just curious to see what people might think and if its “just my imagination” or maybe “luck”

  55. Recently, I’ve noticed odd things. Ill see shadows and no one will be there and I hear whispering and I get tired almost immediately after that. I’ll also get vivid dreams of things of my fiancées past including things about his mom, sisters etc. and when I ask him about it he states that he has never told anyone about that. what would I do to improve/ control this?

  56. Hello, I have many questions and confused about many things. I would love it if I can get some help…

  57. jenna swanson Says:

    hi, there. i need some help. i have started to believe that i could posses powers, but i haven’t unleashed anything. i sense spiritsall around me, and have had many pictures and clips with dead people and spirits. sometimes i think i hear voices in my head.. am i crazy?? i wanted to tell someone about this for so long but im scared that they will mock me and make fun of me for feeling this way. can you please help me, or give me some advice..? could i possibly be a witch?

  58. Hi, I am 24 and have had quite a few experiences in my life and I usually don’t have anyone to ask for advice. I believe I have met my spiritual guardian when I was 9 around the same time I started being able to see deceased relatives. I have also have asked my spiritual guardian to stay close and protect my relatives when they have fallen ill and are in the hospital which seems to work. However, I do not know if the healing abilities are mine or his( I have felt from an early age that my guardian is a male) but it seems to help if I focus intently on the person who is sick. I recently received a message from my deceased grandfather that one of my close relatives was about to die, about 20 minutes later it happened. It came as a bit of a shock to me at first because the message came to me as a brief whisper. When I was younger I seemed to have much more pleasant experiences like winning multiple card games with friends in a row or accidentally choosing my own name in a class raffle but lately things have been rough I really would like some guidance
    Thank you

  59. Hi, I am curious about myself, before I was born my grandma healed people with nature ( medicines ) and they always worked, she still does this but not as much as she used to. When I was 9 my mom took me to go see a elder man, we went into a dark room, I told my mom I could feel a hand on my shoulder, she then told the man, he said the spirits are happy I’m here. I whispered to my mom saying ” it’s not dark… I can see everything clearly.” She then replied saying ” really? It’s pitch black for me.” I then thought that was strange. When I turned 11 I started seeing objects that used to be in a certain place, one day my mom and I went grocery shopping and when we were parking I saw a car in the place she was parking in, I told there’s a car there , I looked at her and she said there wasn’t a then looked at the parking lot and the car was gone. I was sitting at a table once and there was a towel beside it , I looked away for a second and it was gone. As I grew older I started to feel powerful, like I was special , i was filled with energy all the time, i then started getting into witch movies, I was so curious about myself, I am now 16, I have a gift of seeing in the dark like a cat and I could see things that used to be in a certain area, help me, am I just an ordinary person?

  60. Hi um I am kinda confused on what to do. My step mom was a witch and it ran in her family. Then ever since I was little my step mom would be telling ” if I ever die u will have my powers when u turn 16″. She just died last year. I didn’t really believe her until my dreams came back. When I was little I used to have dreams that came true. Like I would see these buildings then a month later I would go with my family to a place I have never been before and see the buildings. And every once in a while I can feel something staring at me in my room. I just ignore it. But when my step mom was alive nothing would ever stare at me and I would never feel anything. My cousins from my step moms side have heard the stories of how the ” witches” run in their family. But I never really knew anything about witches. My step mom would prove it all the time but I kinda forgot a lot about it and I just now remembered about it, then I found this site.

  61. Hi there,

    I’m not quite sure how to put this. All my life I’ve known I was different. When I was 14 I came into Wicca, which eventually led to my practicing f traditional witchcraft. I know in an almost painful way that I have power. What I can’t figure out is why I can’t access this power. There was a time I was able to call up the wind and summon a storm. Now I can’t even car a basic spell. I’m not sure what happened to me but I wish I could undo it.

    • Please contact me by phone 6209308222

    • jonathan noe Says:

      Sometimes i lie on the ground in the mountains where i live and completely let everything go . It seems like the to do lists of life and work and relationships overpower something more important deep inside me when i open my self out there i focus on whats inside me not whats on my mind it charges me so i tingle from fingers to toes my chest full my eyes gushing tears i feel i could stay forever there and never be happier never be more me or who i was meant to be. Be proud of who u are and what u have done slow down sometimes and let whats inside be free inside your self. Try letting your inside shine through your whole body and be free to be freely you.

  62. I know when things are going to happen or how they will most likely turn out. I don’t want to be a witch. I want to go to heaven, but I know I have psychic abilities. Help!!

  63. I’ve been able to make people do what I want and sometimes I do this weird thing where I can make events take place. Its strange its like i float above the world then i zoom in on a person or place or thing and i can influence events or just see what people are doing. As far as making people do what i want Ive made people do things for me or change their minds or even something as simple as when im driving on the freeway i can seem to make the drivers switch lanes and get out of my way but there is usually a limit. I just wanted to share this because I was curious to see if you had any insight on this particular thing as many of these comments are about things ive research such as weather manipulation contacting or seeing the dead reading minds knowing whats going to happen before it does being empathic and making things break when i really want them to. As for influencing events let me break it down its like when i float out over the world then i see something happen like a crash or some one tripping as im watching it happen its like i slow it down to a stop then rewind it to the point of which the mistake was made, make that person change their mind then seconds sooner that person looks up and steps on the breaks or that lady turns around before she steps off the curb. any input would be much appreciated thanks

  64. Hello since I was a child I’ve been highly drawn to the strange unexplainable things of this world. I never felt normal and I’ve always felt like there was something more to me. When I was about 6 I was playing hide and seek in the dark with my family and I saw a dark tall shadow walking into the room I thought it was my father so I went in the room I was inches away from the shadow laughing and saying “I see you” then my father comes from behind and scares me I asked him who else was with him and he said no one I told him I saw someone he turned in all the lights but nobody was there. I can also read people pretty easily, I have dreams that come true, and sometimes out of nowhere I get a gut renching feeling like something big is going to happen and it usually does. I have been having strange dreams for the past few days and that gut renching feeling. What can I do to better understand why I feel this way or What my mind is trying to warn me of?

  65. hi
    my father passed away when i was at 5th grade. without letting me know that my neighbors took me to their home for sometime.when he was brought home in the ambulance I wasn’t aware that he’s dead. but before the ambulance reaching home i was picturing that my dad is dead and his body is coming home in that ambulance which occurred later the day exactly like i saw it.

    Also i continuously used to get same nightmares repeatedly and many of them will be about black magics and some dolls binding me and me trying to fight that.I love to sit alone but some times i feel something evil or negative energy is around me and feel odd.

    There is a belief in our religion that souls are sent to earth on a particular day to see and bless their family.and on the beginning (about 12.30 am) of the same day i used to dream my dead ancestors staying silently in a corner or talking to me after their death especially my dad and grandma and this happens all the years from their death till now.

    Also i happened to see places in real which i have no idea about in real but i dreamed about it previously.

    I’m so much interested in witchcraft and I feel like I wanna be there.But I don’t know if I belong can u please tell me with these details that if I’m one of those natural witches or psychics or what exactly is with me.please…

  66. I have a question as well. When a person hurts me emotionally or makes me very angry, very bad things seem to happen to them. Can you tell me what is going on and how I can control it. I can also feel what other people are feeling as if they were my own feelings. I can tell when something bad or good is about to happen. And this is another question I’ve been seeking answers to. From the time I was two until I was 12 I would get these feelings and I didn’t know what déjà vu was until later in my teens so I described it as I felt different and everytime I got this feeling it’s like I was seeing another place the same place every time. It was a dark room with candles and a light at the end of the hallway I never could get to. When I would regain myself I would throw up. It was so bad and happened so often my dad had to tell my teachers if she says she feels different let her go to the bathroom. Could you please tell me what that was.!! I still get déjà vu all the time just not all that extra stuff anymore.

  67. jonathan noe Says:

    I have always been drawn toward people strongly . But what i want to ask about is with certain people it seems i am uncontrollably drawn toward them and.they toward me while others a sick repulsive feeling replaces it. Once i was drawn the strongest i have ever been toward a girl when i saw a figure felt a figure behind her almost going through her when this happened it was as though my energy drained and i told her what i saw and that she was in danger i was so scared shocked i feel protevtiveof.strangers sometimes who seem like we have known each other for forever then others i feel sickened physically but i still feel i have known them forever as well. It is weird to accept love or reject fear a complete stranger. If i focus at all on these strangers good or bad they become out of no where a part of my life i have used these knowledges of them as an advantage to influence them or others to do what i want. What is going on. I also have strange future dreams and a green light i see upon waking around my head but no lights in room or outside . Been to alot of sights that felt like bologna never shared with anyone else or asked for help ty.

  68. I think I can hex people. If I tell someone something will happen it usually does. My husband always says I hex him. One time I told him not to do something (stupid) cuz he was gonna catch himself on fire and he did! I always try and warn people not to do something, but they never listen and what I say usually happens! I also have déjà vu a lot, the only problem is it makes me dizzy when it happens.

  69. i just happen to find this odd things have happened to me since i was small just a couple weeks ago my grandmother had to be rushed to the hospital.on the way a train was about to cross witch ment that my grandmother had to wait for the train to pass in my rage i focused on the train wich stopped before it could cross alowing us to cross to get to the hospital ,later i found out the train stopped for no reason even the conducter had to get down.also when i get really angry things happen to them like my stepfather yelled at me and some how the cabnet flew open and hid him in the back of the next just 2 days ago he yelled at me again and a picture frame fell on his foot

  70. Does being an empath fall under being psychic? If so, would it be possible to be both psychic and witch on account of being freakishly linked to seasons and weather patterns as well? A jack of all trades is a master of none and that falls true for me in the upmost. Honestly I just need a way to cut off some of this… ‘stuff’ so I can sleep and put to rest my anxieties. Any tips on cleansing yourself and house of spirits? Been dealing with those since I was seven. Auras? 13. Foreshadows of futures via dreams? 18.Uncanny knack for attracting stray animals? Birth. I draw energy from storms and anything inclusive of such. I’m complaining a lot but I’m tired of dealing with this. it’s stressful and i can’t sleep and i need help and answers and guidance

  71. vanessa maldonado Says:

    I need help..for quite sometimes now I can see a person’s death.I would see what happens but don’t know when and where.once I went to the bathroom and everything went dark I had seen a female got hit at a bus stop,10 minutes later my friend told me a girl got drag by her boyfriend and died at the bus stop.another time I was walking to pick up my niece’s from school and I was having trouble breathing I started getting flashes in my head of a boy whose about 7 or 8 breathing hard and two emt said clear and I started uncle recently got into an accident a very bad accident I went outside to cry looked up to the sky and said its not your time to go,laters later my step sister said he gave a thumbs up to the nurse to let them know he is responsive.please help me understand all this.

  72. I think my girlfriend might be a natural witch I’m going to try to help her maybe find or hon in on what she has any support would be greatful she might only have 8 months to live she needs medicine or a healer but mostly I would like her to understand what she has.

  73. I have a friend who can read minds and says that I’m a which and lastly I was sitting on the bus next to this guy I like and I could predict every move he made to what he would say and that’s not the first time that’s happened. And I’ve been having dreams that come true and the latest one scared me so much that I haven’t been sleeping much at all.

  74. i have powers i knw it when im playing cards or bingo or sumthing i ask the higher power for what i want and ii get it almost always.i have always seen or felt bad spirits but only one good and my bedroom is filled with bad ones they frighten me i ask god to make them stay away and then i dont feel them for a while but their strong and it depends on my feelings its like sometimes they know to stay away especially when im angry. and when i do tarot reading for my sisters it all makes sence but when they try and read me its like we dont get an answer. fire has always reminded me of witchcraft and power and it makes me evil and the bad spirits always come when i ligt candles but when i do i rule them im more powerful when im around fire. when i was a child mother said i saw ghosts she does so it made sence but i have never been harmed only protected i saw the futer once in a dream but it was still so weird i knew it would happen when we drove to the next town we got stuck and had to walk to the next farm we found exactly like in the dream and i always feel when something is about to happen. this house is evil i can feel it my bedroom isnt the worst my yoounger brother is in the worst one i fear the attic there is something there but we arent allowed up there we only rent this house or mabey its me the spirits follow i have lived in 7 places nd felt this in all of themi eed help i have so many questions i am connected to the elements some how but im not sure how

  75. Duy Linh Nguyen Says:

    Hi there, I got really curious about witchcraft not so long ago and I decided to buy a book called masters of the world ( an old 70s book) and something weird happened to me since that . During my sleep , I feel more aware than before , I can hear things that normally people wouldn’t . Last night while I was sleeping , there was 2 really loud sound coming from my room and it woke everybody in my house besides me . I remember when I was young , I could move objects to a place to another , I remember moving a mouse( from the computer ) without touching it when my brother was playing to the computer . I feel like I see things , things that aren’t there , whenever I’m focused on something I can see stuff on the corner of my eyes like some sort entities , maybe I’m just crazy , i just need an answer

    Thank you xx

  76. I travel places in my dreams that I know are not on this plane, I have battled demons and startled loved ones passed who said I did not belong there and kicked out into a black abyss until I was awake. To be clear, I have been aware in my dreams for quite some time so I can tell the difference between the daily log of personal information and exploratory endeavors. When I was very young (3 or 4) I would stand up on my bed and speak in another language (not human according to my mother) eyes wide open and having very heated arguments with something. I am strong willed and a fighter and I am always fighting and rescuing people in my dreams. I have premonitions while dreaming, constant déjà vu and a special link with my younger brother. I was raised christian, but I have always been drawn to more nature based practices. I’m a lost witch, where do I go from here?

  77. Ok I don’t think this is exactly witchcraft or a psychic ability, but I was asleep at night 2 years ago and it felt like someone was sitting on the side of my bed. Well I thought it was my mom or my sister and I said “what?” there was no response. so I reached out my hand and nobody was there, I said hello and there was no response. finally my bed went back to normal. Two nights later it happened again except it felt like someone was hovering over me this time, I didn’t say anything, and it didn’t feel malicious or nice, it was just there. It hasn’t happened ever since those two nights. I’m also able to feel like I’ve seen things before they have happened like in a dream or something but I don’t realize it until it happens. And I’ve always felt like something is always watching me, I guess spirits or something. So what do you think this is??

  78. Hi i am 17 but i aways been able to spirits since i was child, also have dreams that tend to came true, i also have a great sense in other people’s emotion and their thinking but the emotion they feel it feel as there were my own but latey i sense a block that is blocking them and don’t know what is causing it

  79. Hello I’m 18 and i can make things happen one day I was very angry and my bf was driving suddenly I started imagining the car crashing and it started to drift until i “made it stop” I can also read peoples mind and send my messages to them I can also see the future, I also have the ability to see auras. And subconsciously I can make electricity go on and off in a whole city.i have an anxiety disorder by the way. I don’t know how to develop my powers or how to let them out consciously. What do I need to do?

  80. Qaher Harhash Says:

    I sometimes see things pass in front of me. Once I saw a young boy in my room at 3 Am. I just wanted to know what powers I might possess.

  81. Hi since i was little I could see things in dreams that really weren’t important and they happened. Then this girl moves to my neighborhood and she was a witch I was surprised she told me about spirit guides and stuff and she said only my spirit guide could teach me And her mom looked for my spirit guide and she said it was dead so I’m scared i don’t know what to do. And a couple weeks ago i was jamming to my music while walking my dog And the wind started blowing like crazy only to this one song i listen to and every time i jam out to that song it happens. On my first time I tried to make a ball of the wind for some reason I wanted to and i started to feel it form in my hand and I threw it and it didn’t do anything I did it again and the wind started to blow like crazy. And now I can’t talk to that girl anymore about witches because her mom got mad last time for telling me so please help I have so many questions and I asked my parents if they believe in witches and they said no please help.

    • And I don’t know how to control them really and my friend looked in my future and said that I had wind and shape shifting powers and I only noticed wind so far And I don’t know how to get to the spirit world

  82. William ajuchi Says:

    Witchcraft is what we are consciously aware that we have because we project at will and do lot of magic consciously.we are gods

  83. Hello 🙂
    Since I was little I thought I was a wizard. I would make up spells all the time. I could alter the future events with my simple words…I was always intrested in spells and stuff like that. I am 14 years old and 2 years ago my abilities ran crazy cause my empath abilities developed so much and so quick. I felt dizzy everytime I got in a crowded place. I had an “imaginary” blue friend that tought me to control the wind. It really worked and now I can make a breeze at will. I am a very strong healer. My cousin that I make “experiments” on her said that she can feel the energy touching her skin and moving. I would really like to know what I am…I am not just psychic cause I feel it in my gut. I can feel like alot of “magic” or energy is in there and I would like to develop it…I have very high senses…I can smell things and taste them better than other people. I have a very deep conection with gosths as I can see them and talk to them. Please reply. I could really wish your help ! Thank you very much ! I have some experience with supernatural stuff, but I was too drawn to the spirits as I forgot the power of my word and the other abilities I have one of them being altering the future. I would really appreciate if you could give me a reply on how to grow in what I can do and if I am a witch or something else. Have a nice day !

  84. sugarspice Says:

    just want to asked what do you mean by “trauma”?! like what exactly…

    i don’t know if i call myself a witch or not. because i just discover some of these by myself. for example astral, healing, absorbs emotions, doodle dreams (from other people), and sometimes i chant without knowing. i can sense the spirits around me, and sometimes i can control the elements (depends) i think i need guidance regarding all of these. thanks

  85. Ever since i was little i knew i was different to look at me you’d never know but I would see spirits in my doorway when i was young from that i learned not to be afraid. I started to become a dreamer day or night and for see things, i can change my dreams, i’m a cusp baby 2/19 i heard i have 2x the power of others. My great grandma was able to dream things as well my mom died when i was young so im not sure about her. I had an energy to me lots of good fortune until one day it all changed i lost everything and no matter what i do it wont go away i have no power to help myself i am empty, broke, unable to love or commit, injured and lost. I feel like a lost spirit looking in i rolled my jeep 4x not a mark on me but have nothing or nobody i can feel pos. or negative energy in homes and people. i feel something dark grabbing at me. i think my powers are stronger than i actually know and i want to use them to the fullest. i feel real emotion in my dreams, i change them at times i can see others lives easier then mine. im a free spirit i knew as a little girl i held these powers i would at about 7 change storms, i would def say im natural witch how do i further it and lift this cloud?

  86. Hi,
    My names Zoe…I’ve had alot of thing that are strange happen to me. I really don’t know where to begin. What makes this real to me is that my great grandmother could move objects with her mind and tell when events would be about to happen…everyone thought she was satanic, she killed herself eventually. But sometimes if I feel sad, or angry the wind starts to blow and the clouds come in faster, and sometimes I can make things move subtly with my mind. I think I have a heightened connection to spirits too, I always feel watched… When I’m really focused or angry I hurt people. I’m stronger then normal. I’ll go to touch someone and they’ll have a huge bruise. I always have migraines though…I was wondering if that could be powers that haven’t come in? I feel like something is suppose to happen…

    • Hello. I would really want to talk to you. I am 14 and I am a natural witch. Please email me
      I would like to share things with you and maybe support eachother. Thanks alot for posting here !

  87. Hi,
    I might sound stupid or ignorant but I’m risking the question anyway.. Is there different type of witches or other type of individuals little bit like “fairys” or “elves” the reason why I ask is I always felt different… I was a verry smart kid, little too smart to be normal. For exemple at 4 years old I was having verry serious discutions with words that I shouldn’t even been able to pronounce… I’m french from a small verry french town and sometimes (christmas, my birthday…etc) my mom and dad was talking english in front of me so I couldn’t understand what they were saying… I remember wishing verry hard being able to understand and speak english and I suddenly was able to, my parents was surprised that one day I was watching the show Cheers and was laughing at what they’ve just said, they thought it might be a coincidence, they asked me what they’ve said and I translated almost word to word… It became my favorite show (at 4 years old?!) I have an phenomenal memory. I sence spirits I can hear them sometimes, I can feel what happened in a house or land, I can modify weather, when I wish for something verry hard, most times, it happens.. The weirdest thing that happend to me was when I was 6 or 7, I was with my uncle and there was a fire in a little cabin, my oncle was trying to open the doors but there was a verry heavy duty chain looked with a hudge look.. He was trying hard but was not able to get the chain, handles or the look to open.. I sat down closed my eyes and I started to feel an extreme force in the middle of my chest and it soon grew through my arms then I started to balance back and forth as the energy was reaching its peek I could feel some sort of pulse.. I visualized myself grabbing the chain and synchronized with that “pulse” I saw my self pulling on it right on “cue”, at that precise moment the chain broke and the doors opend… Years later my uncle talked to me about it, he was trying to describe that strange feeling that went through his body right before the chain broke… At different time all through my life, people that I never talked to came up to me saying that I was verry powerfull and unique.. If funny hearing people that are seeing spirits, connecting with their “guides” or are mediumthat you are special and unique… Also babys and toddlers are literaly hypnotized by me they stare at me sometimes smiling and other times just with their mouth and eyes wide open. I also have an unnatural effect on men.. I know that most good looking woman get hit on all the time but in my case i’m not sure it’s normal. I’m working with public and I get to see lots of people that travels a lot so get to meet lots of people themselves and all men, without exeption are sexually attracted to me. Some gets even obsessed by me thats no joke even some verry gay men couldnt explain that attraction they had towards me.. Even when I was weighting 200 pounds… So all this added together plus many other things that happend, brings me to ask what can be the most ridiculous question being posted here. WTF’s wrong with me?? What am I?

  88. Ever since I was younger I’ve had really vivid dreams, nightmares, and day dreams. And the majority of them have so far came true, what could this mean?

  89. Hi, I am 15 and I think I may be a witch. I can touch fire and not burn myself and pick it up and play with it. I can also see someones life force. It’s like a force I can sense. The lesser it is the closer they are to dying. My grandfather died a few weeks ago and I could sense that he had a small life force left. I don’t know how I can sense it or what it is, it’s just something I feel. I want to know how to hone my powers and become a fire throwing super hero. I want to become FLAMEMAN PROTECTOR OF THINGS!

  90. These weird things happen to me. If I wish for rain, within a day or two it rains. I didn’t like this one boy and one day he pushed me over the edge because he tried to hurt my best friend, nzturally my first thing was for her safty and makimg sute she was alright but afterwards I just felt rage torward this guy. After the school punished him I was still angry, I wanted him to feel a fraction of what she felt. Then after I wished that… He was taken to the hospital with a serious infection. I svared me to think I may have done that. When ever I see scars and such on people I start to feel pain, not alot ust enough to hurt. Please help. Scared.

  91. Ok this is crazy, I don’t even know why I am here. Ok sometimes when I think of something I want or just some random stuff I see it or I get what I thought. Like a few weeks ago I thought of an armadillo and then out of nowhere an armadillo came passing by. I thought hey huge coincidence, right? Then I had this really big craving for coffee and out of the blue my friend gave me a full cup of coffee and I didn’t even say anything to her. I just thought it was my lucky day. Now I always follow my instinct and it’s always true but I want a second opinion.

    • Oh and I always thought “hey scars make people look cool” and voila now I have a scar above my left eyebrow because I hit myself with a gun by accident. That’s about it.

  92. I’ve had experiences like such before and I need to know where I can find a true book of magic. I’ve looked all over the internet and since I was little I knew there was something about me that wasn’t like anyone else. I need to know if this is real. I want to develop the powers and let them grow.

  93. zekrom5471 Says:

    I was a young boy ten years old I saw a dead spearow Bird
    Laying dead on my porch
    With its head turned to the side its neck broken so I picked it up with one hand covered it with my other hand and in my mind I had said some thing like a prayer but I don’t think it was a prayer but an subconscious chant cause I didn’t know what I was saying but I instinctively knew what to say in my mind and aloud and after I was done with the chant I honestly believed the bird was fully recovered and healed and to my surprise I felt warmth and movement in both hands it was alive and I opened both palms of my hands and it flew away LOL that’s the only special event that happened to me am I a natural witch or an psychic please let me know k

  94. Anastasia Says:

    HI! I’ve lived in Spain since I was little. I’ve gone to school in the same place my whole life. A month ago I started noticing things about people I know my whole life. It seemed like I knew all secrets of all people without them even telling them. I accidentaly even embaraced my best friend thinking it was no one’s secret and it appeared to be hers. I also sense things. I was sitting chatting with my phone and I sensed a breeze although my window was closed. I then saw a shadow which stood there beside me. I called my mom and she said she didn’t see anything! Also the most bizarre one was when I had a lightbulb that had run out of energy. It hadn’t worked for weeks. One day I got really mad with my friend and she said she didn’t want me to see me again… I was crying in my room. Then, I looked at the lightbulb and it seemed like all my sadness focused on that point and then suddenly the lightbulb lit up. Then I thought someone was playing a trick on me so I screamed at the lightbulb and it exploded!!! I also litt up a candle just by looking at it.Then one weekend I was left alone at home and I was really scared cause I heard noises. Then I looked at the sky which was sunny and suddenly I heard like a plate broke. I screamed and suddenly the sky went dark and rain started pouring, with lightnings!! Then I heard running steps and a man came out of my front door and ran away!! I am scared…. I keep hearing noises in my sleep and when I’m alone no matter if it is during the day or during the night… What am I? Help!!!!

  95. Charlotte Says:

    I have been wondering if i am a witch for a long long time. After reading all of the experiences people have had, i really feel i must be.
    As a child i had a friend whom i thought was real. I could tell my mum everything about her, down to what she was wearing. After a few years we moved from that house and my mum told me that i would scare her when i talked about her. This was because a young girl about the same age as me at the time had died in that house.
    Also there was a boy i didnt like and i used to say, ” i hope he gets hit by a car”. I would tell all my friends that walking down from college to lunch. Then in the same month he went on holiday and my lecture told us all he was flew back as he got hit by a car on holiday and broke his hip and brown arm etc… People in my class would look at me, not knowing whether to laugh or not. I was so shocked that i did laugh because i just could not believe it.
    Also wished someone dead and it happened. Then 3 bad things happened to me in the same month in the same week. I lost my job, boyfriend of four years dumped me and found out he had been cheating on me… I was told by a psychic i cursed people so it came back in three bad things for me… There is so many things thats happend…hmmmmmmm…

  96. Hi. Ever since I was young. I always would freak out my friends because I would tell them things that was going to happen in the near future and sure enough it did. Just as I had said.
    When I am around other people. I can feel their emotions and was once diagnosed as bi polar until my mom (also a witch) pulled me aside and taught me how to put up a wall. I was always so confused about what were my emotions and what were everyone elses that it drove me crazy. Ive mastered keeping all of theirs at bay though.
    When I am mad, sad, depressed anything. Everyone around me suddenly is too. Even if I didnt show any signs of it. My husband says it radiates off of me. It has gotten so bad that a few times the lights around me will blow.
    I always seem to just know what is on the minds of everyone around me, and I cant explain just how I know these things.
    Ive meditated to help a friend, and witnessed a suicide that was her aunts. I told in detail what she was wearing, details about the house. Even what she was feeling. Ive done this on many occasions.
    Any tips on what I can do to build on these? Im already into traditional witchcraft, and before picking up my first book I already seemed to know how to do what I was doing.
    Ive been in fights with ex boyfriends things of that nature and bad things always end up happening to them. Not always immediately. Although once a guy I was dating tried to beat me with a 2×4 and an inch away from my head the board cracked in half. He dropped it and ran like hell.
    Am I crazy, or is this something you have heard before?

  97. I’ve always wondered about abilities. Long story short items I touch seem to teleport. Just today I grabbed a Gatorade bottle and out it beside me. The next instant it appeared on the table in front of me. My friend witnessed this as well. If you could give any information about this that would be helpful. I’m very interested.

  98. Alyssandra Says:

    Ok now i have a problem there was this one point in time in my life i feel like i had some sort of power not knowing what it was weather it was me being a witch or whatever it scared me anx made me feel great ill explain a fes tears ago i live in LA and went through sone really hard ive always felt i was different but i dont understand it i see so many explanations and they all sound like what i go through but while in LA there was this one point when i could feel when people needed my help there was this guy that done dome really horrible things and until this day i still believe it…right before he came in my room i was in a great mood and when he came in my entire ora changed and something was very weird i then took a puff of my cigaret and blew smoke next to him and to my and my friends surprise we saw a skeleton of a child straight after that i felt a spirit of a little girl so i told him to stand across the room and i then really angrily took a giant pull of my cigaret and blew out the smoke we all then saw an upside down cross i told him that he was a bad person and would confess what he has done and will pay come to find out he told me he raped and killed over 20 children after he did that we both saw the spirits come toward him he then left and the spirits turned into like dandelion specks and floated around me and i felt like they were saying thank u i promised them that i would make him pay needless to say bow he has to get his balls removed due to a horrible infection but after that i felt like if u split my chest down the middle a golden ray of light would shoot out of my chest and help everyone i also used to have dreams of talking to the sun as if it was giving me my powers i helped so many people that year now its changed i have mind control over people like if i think hard enough i can make them say or do whatever i want them to say or doi often know of things vefore they happen and i sometimes slip into a trance and feel as if everything is floating around me idk there are so many things i could go on forever but everyday i feel more and more powerful i just dont know how to tap into it PLEASE HELP ME!!

  99. Lindsay/Sandra Says:

    (Fair warning this is a very long post! Lol) I was adopted at birth and since I was a baby I’ve had things happen that I could never explain.
    I say baby because I know I remember the moment I was born. After that I remember the first time I heard voices and seeing a spirit I had to of only been around 5 or 6. Around 5th grade I started to go out of body. I would lay down for bed then feel my body tingle then it seemed like I was to big for my room and my bed got really small. I would then go through my drawers and closet and pick out my clothes for school the next day.
    I was t-boned by a drunk driver when I was 19/20 on my driver side I never saw him coming but I went out of body when I got hit cause I was able to see my car tail lights and everything that happened the whole time I was “unconscious” I have been able to go out of body whenever I feel the need to since then.
    If I get mad light bulbs will blow or electronics will malfunction if I touch them when I’m upset.
    I pretty much have experienced everything in the examples above.
    One thing that I feel pretty confident on and this is based off of my own experience is that even though you may be able to get a glimpse of the future even if u have time to alter it, it will still happen. It just might not happen exactly how u pictured it. The first time I remember seeing a random glimpse of the future I was at a water park walking to the restroom which happened to be next to the food court. I saw a little girl walking towards me with a tray of food then I saw her running into me and flipping the trey and spilling everything on her chest. I was pretty far when I saw this premonition so for the first time I was able to change my path and I walked wayyyy around her. I looked back once I passed the young girl and watch her trip right where I saw her running into me and she fell to the ground flipping the trey and landing chest first into the trey.

    I recently found my birth mom and she has the same thing I do. She is amazing and even though I was adopted I never was ever mad at her for it. I had a very strong urge to find her. My mother is a twin and my cousin who is also female seems to have it as well. I also have a younger sister who recently has turned 21 she just texted me a couple days ago telling me “I’m starting to believe this whole we’re witches thing” I honestly think it does run in family’s. But this is all my own experiences. I just turned 28 and once again I feel my abilities becoming stronger again. A part of me feels like since my sister’s third eye has open it’s kinda like we’ve closed our family circle.
    Is that a strange way of looking at this?
    I’m so sorry this is so long I’ve never told anyone except my long term boyfriend and my (adopted) sister I grew up with about all my experiences.
    I have so many questions but I just want to thank you for this website you’ve put a light on things for me. : ) one question though has anyone had any similar experiences? I have so many more but I already wrote a navel.

  100. svetlana jiroux Says:

    hi ! Im afraid ….but sometimes when I get mad and I think in A bad thing happen to them , works in that moment , also I do spells but i create them I do not read them and always works, is that mean that Im a witch or something? but I can not make things move or you know things people do in movies … please please help!

  101. I’ve answered people’s questions before they answer, I get premonition dreams, I’ve seen spirits, strange things happen to me that doctors can’t explain, and my mom says it’s in our family but she doesn’t know how to unlock it. Can anyone help? I really want to unlock my powers.

  102. Since I was very young, I have always been interested in the wiccan religion, and psychic abilities such as these. Ive had a few expieriences like this. I’m not sure if those gut feelings really count, but when I was 10-11 I begged my brother for probably an hour not to leave the house, because I could sense something bad was going to happen. And rest assured, he went out anyways and broke his arm almost in half. I’ve also had a dream after my father died of a cats eye ring, and my cat died a month later. And one more, I had a dream me and my brother were driving around, and somrhow got into an accident. I thought nothing of it, and brushed it off. Once again, about a month later, my brother, his friend, and I were going to the store and got into an accident. I’m not sure if these are abilitiea, or just coincidences? I’ve also had my father speak to me in my dreams and half asleep dreamsish, but once again, I’m not sure if these are abilities or not.

  103. (Sorry if this posts twice)

    Since I was very young, I have always been interested in the wiccan religion, and psychic abilities such as these. Ive had a few expieriences like this. I’m not sure if those gut feelings really count, but when I was 10-11 I begged my brother for probably an hour not to leave the house, because I could sense something bad was going to happen. And rest assured, he went out anyways and broke his arm almost in half. I’ve also had a dream after my father died of a cats eye ring, and my cat died a month later. And one more, I had a dream me and my brother were driving around, and somrhow got into an accident. I thought nothing of it, and brushed it off. Once again, about a month later, my brother, his friend, and I were going to the store and got into an accident. I’m not sure if these are abilitiea, or just coincidences? I’ve also had my father speak to me in my dreams and half asleep dreamsish, but once again, I’m not sure if these are abilities or not.

  104. There were witches in my famlily. Three were burned at the stsje and every time i type that or say it i feels like some one has set my lungs on fire. The feeling quickly fades. I need a mentor/ tutor to help me find out if I am a witch. I did have quite the odd expirence though in New Orleans Louisana. I was in a old world witchery shop with my good friend who i know know as a witch and an old lady walks out from thr back and touched m on the shoulder and asked are you a witch and i suddenly felt this amazing swell of power in my upper chest and i said i dont know, then she said well you are and so is your friend and she walked back behind the counter and into some room……so yeah anyone help please….?

  105. I have always had a sense for things. I have done research on my name meaning (Melissa), my birthdate (10/31), my zodiac sign (Scorpio) to try to explain the way I am. I have not found a single thing that I can not agree with that is my personality. people/children/strangers/animals etc. are drawn to me sometimes and I don’t know why. I see things/people in my dreams and when im in that “de ja vous” I know what happens next. I have had vision by touching someone I loved – and know that persons fate health wise and can predict what is probable and watch it happen.(this vison I hope is wrong but my heart & gut instinct says I right).I am gifted at many things with out trying (crafts, sports, etc). I alway am trying to help where I can. There’s alot more, I see that happens to me. lately my life has been in turmoil/stressed and my heart & mind are not on the same page. Its seems for tear I’ve shed it has rained as much, when I sad & hurt we have had snow. When I’m happy inside & smiling the sunshines. its has become a joke with friends and family. i would really like to put my life back together, and have more control over my emotions. I understand I have a gift but sometimes it feels like a curse, I do like being right about things so much, and know that I am limited in what I can do. Confused & looking for answers or guidance…

  106. Hello 🙂 since I was younger strange things happened to me.i hope you can give an answer cause it confuses me .
    When I was 9/10 years old I used to be able to see things before it happens but only 3 -2 minutes before! But last time it happens it was 4 years ago ( I’m 18).
    It may be crazy but I saw only one wen I was little two litte angels and sometimes if a pray and ask them to help me it really happens ! But then the mother of my friend told me that I was a witch in my passed life ( she’s Columbian so she is in to this stuff) and this summer I woke up wanting to rain and I started to dance for 1 minute and I looked at the window but nothing , I turned around and I started to rain and one other time I really wanted this cute guy to fall for me ( he was totally too good looking and little bit older) and I swear the day after we were like a couple ! Plus my mother says that before she was operated she used to see the history of an object just by touching it a good friend of his that can see ghosts say that I could and he could teach me ! I’m quite confused why all this strange things happen to me !? Do I really could have some powers? Thanks for reading , my story is a little bit long

  107. Here is in short some info
    -they told me that I was a witch in my past life !
    -when I was younger I could , see things before the happen , like 3 minutes or so , and I’m very emphatic and have a strong morality.
    -when I want something it happens es to fall in love or to rain .
    -few time a “light” saved me from car accidents or before I fall time slows dawn !
    -when I was younger (10) I saw two angels flying over me
    – my mom told me that before she was operated she was a psychic.
    -a friend of mine can really see ghosts and told me that I could to !
    Do I really have something paranormal happening to me or I’m only going crazy? Thanks

  108. I’ve always questioned the world around me, and I’ve always had a very Vivid “imagination.” I don’t know if I’m a witch or not cause I tend to question everything all too much. But I’ve always been able to understand people on a deeper level I guess. Its like i can sense when something is wrong with someone whether they are in the same room as me or not. There was one memory I have as a young child, I was playing on an unfinished brigde with my sister. It was over a small creek, but the water was still deep enough for seaweed. She made it across, but my foot slipped into the water and seaweed wrapped around my ankle. I was hanging on to part of the bridge trying to pull myself up, I was really scared naturally. But somehow, I can’t explain it, the Seaweed loosened and with no struggle it was like I flipped from where I was on brigde to the side my sister was on. She saw the whole thing and couldn’t believe it, neither did I, we haven’t spoken abt it since.

    A couple years down the road I was at church with my mother. I asked a man to teach how to pray, after he showed me what to do, I began praying on my own at the alter. I only remember praying for a couple minutes then the next thing I remember is waking up in this ladies arms. I looked across the isle and saw my mother, I immediately ran to her and asked what happened. She said I started speaking in tounges then passed out. I had no memory of that at all, just black.

    • Okay this is still Jennifer from the post above. I wanted to also say I’ve seen things before they happen multiple times. Maybe I’m just thinking too much into this stuff but I’ve just gotten fed up with having questions and doubts.

  109. marc mercado Says:

    Hi. I really dont know what is happening to me. Last few years ago, I felt something weird on me, inside of me. I have a lot of dreams that are so weird, it was a week full of nightmares. I told my bestfriend about it, and it turns out that every dreams were connected to each other, it was a story of a young girl, murdered. I was so scared to sleep then. But when I prayed, it stopped. Some of my dreams were like a glimpse of the future. The time that I remember a dream, in a few second, it will happen. Some of them were full of symbols, words that i can read but dont understand. Because of these dreams, i isolated myself, kept myself busy, avoid all my friends and it gave me courage to face all these dreams by myself, and in the end, they end up like just a normal dream.
    Last year, there was a dream that made me regret, a death of a friend. I know that something is going to happen, but i cant just spit it out to anybody, because they wont understand and believe me. There are some of them who can listen but this things are just something to laugh for them. I know that its not normal. Thats why, ive searched my family history and it turns out that my grandpa have the answers, but he’s not here anymore.
    Now, iam turning 21, and i know that the energy inside me is stronger than before. I can feel someones energy, be it positive or negative. The worst thing is, I can somehow manipulate people around me. Trying to look for an wer made me search for the stuff of my grandparents, but what ive seen were my junks. A jar full of different stones, metals, shells woods that i picked up on the streets when i was young. Ive read an article regarding that that could be a sign of me being a witch, but some of my experiences were like i am a psychic. Please tell me what i am, and tell me what to do.

  110. I need some help please email me, I have questions.

  111. Nocturnia adams Says:

    I used to be able to see the future and I can conjure storms through certain incantations and I can sence people’s intentions so that got my witch fire to burn bright

  112. Antoinette Says:

    Hi, i’m 15 years old and I noticed that animals come TO me instead of running or flying away. Like I can easily get a dragonfly or butterfly to fly into my palm, and when I walk through the forest, squirrels don’t run out of my path. No one believes me, and these things never happen when there are others around. What am i?

  113. Can a normal person be a witch? I’ve always wanted to be one. And I’ve read most of the comment; some of then fits me. But the thing is, how do you know you have the ability to do what others can’t and can you have them if you’ve never done one before ? And I’m wondering, is there a chance , a normal person who haven’t done any magic yet , be a witch in the future ?

  114. Hi

    So I’m not sure if these are coincidences but, I have dreams that come true, all about death. Like the other night I dreamt that my mom woke up crying because her friend died, and in the morning that happened, also my aunt had a baby an the night she was ment to be induced I dreamt she had to drive to hospital herself, an when we went to see her she told us she had to drive herself.

    But then I have times when I say something in my head, like ” pass ” when I feel I won’t pass a test, and I wi let really just put random things down and I pass, or like how in track I said ” trip” and the girl who was just about to pass me tripped

  115. I have visions of the future when I sleep. In my dreams almost every night. How do I bring out more of my powers?

  116. Hi there, i have a few questions and after asking blog after blog i believe you can give me the right answer.
    I am turning 16 years old tomorrow, and as of late i have been seeing much more then i would of normally seen a year ago. Shadows have become full bodies and i can see people following me who arent there. My empathic or what i think to be empathic abilites are growing stronger. It sounds so cliche but i just need to know is this a age thing or is it a odd thing you have never heard of..

  117. Dear… Whomever runs this blog. Thanks for the awesome intro, it was very insightful, but I’ve just read through almost all of these comments, and I realise I might be one of you.
    My mum’s family has a long line of witchcraft, but after a bad experience for my mum’s mum, nobody pried much into that part of the family. When my mum told me about my grandmother’s (and her own) parapsychological happenings, I began to view the world and my own past a little different.
    Sometimes things happen around me, and I when I think about it, I remember that I wished/strongly thought for those things to happen, and they do happen- not more than 24 hours later. My dreams are sometimes normal, but I’ve learned from experience that when I have an especially vivid dream, an aspect of it comes true in a way. I had a dream that my brother and I were playing, and he hurt his ankle, and the next day when my family went out for a picnic lunch, he broke his ankle. The part that worries me is that in the dream, he *hurt* his ankle, but in real-life, when I’d been worrying about what I’d seen for at least 12 hours, he *broke* his ankle.
    Anyway, there’s just one more thing I’d like to share.
    In a house my mum and I just moved out of, I would get home quite a few hours earlier than her. In very strange periods of time, I would get a horrible foreboding feeling in the house, almost like I was drowning. That’s what it felt like. I would get chills and a heavy pressing on my chest.
    Eventually I read up about it, and a read about that method of setting aside 15 minutes a day for pushy spirits. Not wanting to worry my mum, I decided to do it alone. I spent a lot of time thinking about how I would do it, and based on other smaller (and accidental) experiences, I decided I was at least mentally prepared.
    One afternoon, I sat down on one of the sofas, closed my eyes and said. “If there are any spirits who would like to say something to me, please come out one at a time, and talk.” … Thinking back on it, I probably should have been more prepared. I kept my eyes closed, because I knew it was easier for me to focus on, and contact spirits when I was in a meditative state.
    As soon as I said the words, I got that pressing feeling on my chest and felt some presence on the stairs in front of me. The pressing feeling was *really* strong, the strongest it had ever been. The figure got closer, and if I had to describe it, I’d say a really muscly man, in leather clothes and leather gloves. I think that was just the attitude of the spirit, and how it appeared in my mind. I turned my attention to it, and said out loud, “Hello, would you like to sit down?” *I gestured to the couch across from me* Thinking back, I don’t know why I asked it that, but it approached the couch, but didn’t sit. I asked it if it had a name, and it sort of growled at me, and disappeared. I think it was annoyed that I was being so civil.
    I opened my eyes, and it was dark outside, and my mum was standing in the kitchen, looking at me in horror. I could’ve sworn it was 10 seconds, tops. Turns out it was at least 3-4 hours later.
    My mum does NOT talk about this, I think she was angry at me trying anything… “magical”.
    What would you have to say about that?
    Regards, Tahlia (14)

  118. Hello.

    I’m not sure if you remember me but I have asked you a question before concerning my ability to foresee the future.. You gave me a few tips and I did them.. Actually, they’ve been getting worse and aside from seeing it, I actually feel everything with it.. Still, most of them are deaths.. And then my mother revealed to me that we came from a lineage of witches that are adept in using dark magic.. My mother didn’t seem to inherit those abilities, though.. However, whenever I cast something, everything around me suddenly becomes weak, in pain, and/or sickly.. No matter how good my intentions are, they come out as something different and sometimes, I even drain the energy of the room when I concentrate/focus on something..

    I need help..


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