Signs that Your Psychic Abilities are Developing and How to Increase Your ESP


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It seems likely that most, if not all, people are psychic to some degree or other. Most people who are honest about it, have experienced something anomalous, something they cannot explain by conventional means. Although, it may be that there are a few people who never have such experiences and are naturally skeptical about such things.

Some people are born psychic, but for many people, psychic abilities develop a little later in life.

The first symptom that many people experience is very vivid dreams. Sometimes these dreams seem to portend some event. Other times, they may involve people who are far away or even deceased who come back to talk to you in a dream state.

Another common early symptom of psychic development is seeing or hearing unusual things during the waking state. This includes seeing or hearing apparent ghosts or spirits. It, also, may include seeing anomalous creatures and unidentified objects, such as U.F.O.s.

Sometimes people do not notice that they have the ability to see, hear and otherwise sense occurrences outside the normal five sense range until they live in a spiritually active house. This may be the first time they hear rapping noises or the sounds of other people living in the house with them who aren’t fully physical.

The most common experience that people have, which is a sign that a person, at least, has some natural ability to be psychic is having hunches or intuitive flashes. For example, if you know when the phone is about to ring or who is going to be on the other end when it rings, this is a sign that you have some psychic potential that can be developed.

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How to Develop Your Psychic Abilities

Use a pendulum. One of the easiest things you can do to turn yourself into an instant psychic is to acquire a well-balanced pendulum and begin practicing with it. The pendulum is a very great psychic development tool that has an unlimited number of applications. To make a great leap in your psychic abilities, get a pendulum and start using it.

Practice some form of meditation that requires you to quiet your mind for, at least, short periods of time each day. This may be the recitation of Hindu mantras, Catholic prayers like the rosary or taking yoga classes. It is important to psychic development that you are able to discipline your mind.

Learn to read tarot cards. The cards are a very great psychic development tool. Even working with them a little bit can help open up psychic abilities. Committing to mastery of the tarot is the path to advanced psychic development.

Open your mind to the idea of communicating with spirits. If you haven’t bought into the Hollywood hype and are comfortable using a Ouija board, this can be a good tool for making contact with spirits. Automatic writing is another good method of receiving metaphysical messages. So, is holding your own seance on a regular basis.

How to Communicate with Spirits: Seances, Ouija Boards and Summoning

How to Communicate with Spirits: Seances, Ouija Boards and Summoning

Get:  How to Communicate with Spirits: Séances, Ouija Boards and Summoning by Angela Kaelin

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2 Responses to “Signs that Your Psychic Abilities are Developing and How to Increase Your ESP”

  1. This is really helpful.
    I don’t know how to feel at all, because I honestly don’t believe in ghosts, I don’t believe in medium ability because I believe in Occam’s Razor, but it’s getting harder to push it away because I keep having these extremely vivid dreams, where I feel something talking to me, it’s really hard to understand. I can’t hear them speaking in words, and I feel myself trying to communicate but falling short because I feel like.. they’re not my.. kind? it’s odd, they’re not in human form anymore. I felt like I was talking to my grandmother one night it was odd, and it woke me up. i was in sleep paralysis when i woke up. i looked around and saw nothing physically but it’s like i felt this odd separation from myself in that moment.
    For awhile i’ve been having dreams where i see minor things happening, and then they’ll happen but I don’t feel a sense of Dejavu. Until today I napped because I had a particularly painful dream [sometimes i have dreams that are so.. draining physically and mentally they’re painful] and i went back to sleep.
    when that happened a saw and remembered very clearly what i felt and saw.
    my mom had mentioned when i was little that she thought she was carrying twins with my sister and i, in my dream i just had this strange feeling that i was her twin, and that in a past life her and i were brother and sister or [i’m a girl] but in this i was the boy, or either her husband.
    i also dreamed of something i know i just did, and about my cousins coming over and the gifts they had and them telling me what they got for christmas.
    and they are coming over.
    sometimes in my dreams i’m drifting through random places, i’m lounging so to speak, it’s hard to understand. it’s like being on an elevator and stopping at a couple of floors for some people and then finally reaching your destination.
    sometimes when i have these hard and heavy dreams that are taxing i feel my conscious self and i try to wake up, only to feel my eyes roll back, and it hurts, and i can’t get out of there, it feels like somebody holding me down, and it’s like i can see what i look like fighting my sleep while i’m somewhere else.
    it’s the strangest thing.

  2. M O'Carroll Says:

    I just google’d ‘esp symptoms’ and found this site because so many odd things are happening for me, more and more often. What you described fits me completely. I am over the age of 50 and never was aware of any psychic abilities. But 12 years ago we moved into an old house with some history to it. And I have been practicing Bikram yoga fairly regularly for years. Lately, my dreams have become so vivid and I’ve been waking up more and more mornings where things happen or people contact me who I’ve just dreamt about. I also have begun to *feel* it when people are thinking of me, even people who are far away. Because my phone rings and I know it’s them, calling to reach out to me. I also have begun to know when people around me – even those I don’t know well – are about to say something, or if they are troubled about something. I have had vivid dreams about events happening in other countries – even places I’ve never been – then wake up and see these events recounted on the morning news (tsunami in Indonesia and the giant earthquake in Iran years ago, plus the recent roof collapse at a theater in London). Very freaky. I’m not comfortable with it. Wondering how it could be happening to me so much at this midpoint in my life. Thank you for posting and having this site.

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