Are Witches Born or Made?

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It is a hotly debated question: Are we born witches or must we do something special to become a true witch?

The correct answer is: A little of both.

There are a few people who are so insensitive that they are for all practical purposes dead to all but the densely physical world. These are the people who never have any sort of anomalous experience of any kind.

Such people are not well-suited to witchcraft because they are unable to sense anything outside the physical world and, therefore, tend to believe that it doesn’t exist.

“Seeing is believing” is a valid truism. For example, it would be hard to believe people who cannot see the full spectrum of colors to believe that certain colors exist. Those who are blind to the color, red, must accept that they cannot see it while others can. They may believe other people when they…

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  1. Hi, I saw your replies to comments on an old post about natural born witches, and I was wondering if you could answer some questions I have about the subject. First, is it possible that a natural born witch can go their whole life without knowing it? Though for some reason I doubt I am a natural-born witch, my grandmother proclaimed herself a witch and many of my family members practice or have practiced the Craft. I do feel that I have a connection to emotion and that I even feel energies with nature, but I’m not sure if this is just something imaginary, or if it is simply irrelevant, but because of this I’ve always been attracted to witchcraft, even as an uneducated teen. As far as psychic ability goes, I only foresee simple things, like knowing when the phone is about to go off, or getting a bad feeling right before something negative happens, but I’m not sure if this is simple deja vu or what. Not only this, but I do experience the ability to change temperature, whereas I can make something extremely hot or cold, with the touch of my hand and meditation/concentration. Nothing like stories I’ve heard of witches changing the weather completely, but I was wondering if this is just in my head or if it could be another contributing factor? I apologize if I’m rambling on, but I am quite interested to know the answer to my first question and to find out if there is a way that I can figure out if I am a witch or if it is just natural feelings that can come to anyone. Thank you for your time!

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