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Types of Clairvoyance and How This Ability May Be Applied

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The_Absinthe_Drinker_by_Viktor_OlivaClairvoyance is a type of mediumship and psychic ability, which involves an extension of the normal range of visual perception. (For a list of other types of mediumship, please see the article, “Types of Psychic Mediums and How to Develop Your Mediumship Abilities.”

Clairvoyance is a generic term, employed to express various degrees and modes of visual perception, whereby a person is able to know facts and obtain certain knowledge by means other than the ordinary five sense ability range.

Clairvoyance manifests itself differently from person to person and in varying degrees of ability and wide range of experience. The character, quality and manifestation of clairvoyance depends upon a peculiar condition of the psychic’s nerves and brain.

Horla-ApparitionAn example of the range of ways in which clairvoyance can manifest can be illustrated by the psychometrist who, in touching certain objects or being present in certain places, can obtain all kinds of information. For example, he or she may receive visions of the past or of the future, which may be more or less clear. These visions may come in brief flashes, they may appear photographic and depict an instant in time or they may seem to unreel a series of past events in succession.

As another example, in experiments involving crystal ball gazing, people’s abilities may be characterized by flashes, sparks, clouds of different colors, symbols or the vision may be partly or entirely clear and lucid.

People with the ability to clairvoyantly detect the presence of spirits may experience this perception in a variety of different ways, sometimes transparent or shadowy and others very distinct and apparently physical. The experience of clairvoyance may or many not be accompanied by clairaudience or clairsentience, which means the psychic may not only see the spirits, but hear and feel them.

No two persons’ clairvoyance is precisely alike, moreover, each one has a personal idiosyncrasy that invariably determines his or her specialty, and, whatever that specialty may chance to be, should be encouraged, for in that he or she will excel and in no other.

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Ways clairvoyance may be applied:

  • To see the past, present and future
  • Finding lost property and people
  • Mind reading
  • Spiritual counseling
  • Spirit detection
  • Spirit communication
  • Medical diagnosis, prescription of remedies and other treatments
  • Exorcism, to control spirits
  • Scientific exploration, invention and innovation
  • Exploration of this world and others
  • The development of art, music and literature

While certain applications of clairvoyant abilities are more familiar to us from popular culture, such as the detection of spirits, exorcism, the ability to know events in the lives of the people around us, to know their character and to see events that are likely to occur. There are other applications that are less known.

Less often considered is the the medical application of clairvoyance to determine the nature and cause of disease and to prescribe remedies or aid in the application of treatments. Through clairvoyance we can attain a clearer understanding of the natural world through the exploration of science. This exploration leads us to new inventions and innovations. Clairvoyance can help writers, artists and composers to reach beyond their own inherent abilities.

If you are interested in developing your own clairvoyance, choose a method of application that interests and steadily pursue its perfection. Carefully consider your own interests, your needs and desires, to determine exactly what kind of clairvoyant you want to become, then bend all your energies toward this end.

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Magical Spell to Protect Yourself and Your Home from Unwanted Visitors Either Incarnate or Discarnate

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Home Protection Spell


A witchcraft spell to protect your hearth and home from intruders both human and ghostly.

The following is pretty much a white witchcraft type of spell. There are more powerful methods of protection, which are used by black magicians, but this one is just very basic and is intended to ward of unwanted and unwelcome people who might come to your door or around your dwelling. It is, also, intended to ward off unwelcome spirits of any kind.

Here’s the scenario:  You have been experiencing unwanted visitors around your home, either of a discarnate or incarnate nature or both, and you want to guard your dwelling from any further intrusions.

The Procedure for Protecting Your Home from Unwanted Visitors of Any Kind

For best results, perform this spell on a  Sunday at sunrise  (or during the Planetary Hour of the Sun), during a Full Moon or Moon in Cancer.

The object of this spell is your dwelling and it is here that the spell will be released. For this spell, also, choose an object to represent the abstract concept of protection. This may be a horse shoe, sharp objects, a crystal, a root or any other object that represents protection to you.  Choose needles with broken eyes, to pierce the door with to keep passers-by from noticing your entryway. Choose blades and knives to stick into window sashes and door jambs to discourage unwanted visitors.

Potion or formula to use: Blessed thistle, House Protection or similar potion. If you have hairs from a guard dog or a cat who is guardian of the house, add them to the potion.

Dress your altar in white for protection and peace or in black for very aggressive protection from enemies.

Charge the items involved in the spell; recite an incantation or one of numerous prayers or Psalms for protection and invite a protective spirits such as Santa Muerte, Saint Michael or an ancestor who has passed on to assist you.

While you are at your altar, release the spell directly upon the objects you have chosen in the first step by anointing, sprinkling or passing them through the smoke of incense produced by your potion.

Then, bury protective items, such as the crystals, in your yard or inside your home at the four cardinal points. Your home and objects in your home, such as entryways can serve as the objects upon which you act directly. This may include every corner of your property, inside and out, doorways, windows, fire places, water pipes vents and any other means of entry.

Place a horseshoe over your door as a symbol of ancient protection. Place protective roots and crystals at cardinal points. Place the anointed and blessed needles in the doors to ward off black magic and the evil eye. Place the blessed knives or blades in the doorjambs and window sashes.  Circle your entire house with protective charms or potions.

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Beyond the Ordinary: Advanced Psychic Abilities

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How to Develop Advanced Psychic Abilities: Obtain Information about the Past, Present and Future Through Clairvoyance

How to Develop Advanced Psychic Abilities: Obtain Information about the Past, Present and Future Through Clairvoyance

Psychic abilities are fairly common and all but the  most hardened skeptics will admit to having some uncanny experience that cannot be explained by every day logic.  Some people have psychic “coincidences” so frequently that they begin to wonder if there is something else at work.

Some people seem to be endowed with more than average psychic abilities, although they may not have established complete control over them.  These abilities go beyond mere feelings or hunches, but involve very specific information usually in the form of clairvoyance, clairaudience or clairsentience, meaning they hear, see and inexplicably seem to know things that seem otherwise impossible.

Through meditation and the development of certain skills, such as divination, the psychic can further develop these abilities and bring them under a greater level of control.

How to Develop Advanced Psychic Abilities defines and discusses the benefits of advanced psychic abilities and how they have been applied by others to effect change in the real world. It looks at catalysts for spontaneous development of this faculty, as well as methods of stimulating your abilities through diet and detoxification. It discusses meditation, tools and methods for rapidly advancing psychic abilities and gives practical advice for living in the day-to-day world with these abilities.

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