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Why Television is an Obstacle to the Study and Practice of Occultism and Traditional Witchcraft

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by Sophia diGregorio

The first thing I tell anyone who is seriously interested in any aspect of the occult, whether its Spiritualism or traditional witchcraft, is to permanently turn off the television. Not only is its pop culture and propaganda poisonous to your mind, but because of its broadcast nature it interferes with your perception of reality in more ways than one.

Contrary to the popular saying, perception is not reality. And, reality is, in fact, very different from how television and its establishment media, which support establishment science and medicine, would have us believe it is.

Perception of Reality is Shaped and Distorted by Television

Television both alters viewers’ perceptions of reality and forms an alternative reality at the same time through “predictive programming.” With predictive programming, the writers and actors actually change society by modeling certain behaviors, which are then copied by viewers, usually entirely unconsciously.

But, television-watching does more than alter perceptions of reality and mold the behavior of viewers, it, also, limits their ability to fully perceive reality and imposes a completely false version of reality upon them.

Television programs beliefs about matters of both the physical world and the metaphysical one into the  mind of the viewer. It defines the paradigm of reality for its viewers, anything outside of that paradigm is rejected or ridiculed by them.  Although, television broadcasts themselves are a form of witchcraft, at least, its technology works on the same principles as the esoteric science that lies at the foundation of the practice of witchcraft.

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Television as a Method of Mental Influence at a Distance

Traditional Witchcraft and Occultism

Consider television – not the device that sits in your living room – but the means by which broadcast signals reach it. It operates on much the same principles as mental telepathy.

The television emits an electrical frequency into the room, which carries with it audio and visual methods accompanied by a flicker rate, which induces a hypnotic state in the viewer in a matter of seconds.

Because of its ability to convey very realistic images combined with this brain wave-lowering flicker rate, it is the perfect medium for broadcasting telepathic suggestions to the subconscious minds of millions of people at a time. The subconscious mind has no power of reasoning or analysis and willingly accepts whatever suggestions, images or other ideas it is given without question.

The rapidly changing and contrasting images on the screen cannot be detected by the human eye, but it is certainly real because it can cause seizures in epileptics. Although, its more common effect is to lead the mind into a pattern of thought in which it cannot focus for long periods of time on any one subject.

Flicker rates have intensified over the years, as the images have become crisper, clearer and more realistic. But, it isn’t only the use music and subliminal visual cues to invoke a response or implant a perception into their viewers’ minds. The mass bombardment of signals, images and ever-changing ideas all work together to put the viewer in a hypnotic state. It is in this hypnotic state that deception of all manner is perpetrated upon the viewer’s mind. His view of the world is limited, not only by the messages he received, but by the fact that his mind’s ability to perceive frequencies, especially in the metaphysical ranges, are greatly diminished or completely disabled.

Furthermore, television broadcasting with its hypnotic flicker rate has a deleterious effect on the chakra centers, the endocrine glands and all the senses of the body, affecting their sensitivity and ability to perceive natural, environmental frequencies.

A television-watcher’s actions, behaviors, attitudes and level of awakening and consciousness are impacted by the broadcast of these frequency harmonics through the ether. So, are his beliefs, his opinions and his perception of all levels of reality affected.

His ability to be in control of his own mind, thoughts and emotions are impaired. As television becomes increasingly chaotic and violent, so does that segment of society that watches it and internalized its broadcast waves, taking them into their physical, as well as their metaphysical bodies.

After watching television, the alterations in the mind and body, both physically and metaphysically, form a set pattern, so that the person is influenced by these emanations even when he or she is not actively engaged in television watching.

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If you don’t watch television, you may have noticed that people who do are difficult to have a discussion with about real world events because their minds have been heavily programmed by the sounds and images they have received in a semi-conscious, highly suggestible state. The television has been broadcasting an unreal version of not only day-to-day life, but the occult and witchcraft, for decades. The people subjected to it are literally under a spell and seem to live as if they are in a different version of reality because of the images and messages that have been broadcast to their subconscious minds while in a suggestible state.

The fact is this: If someone else is influencing your mind through hypnosis and telepathy, then you are not in control anymore than you would be if you were under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Your ability to perceive that which lies outside the densely physical field, for example, to perceive wave lengths in the range that produces experiences called clairaudience, claircognizance and clairvoyance, is severely limited. Furthermore, the perception of reality with regard to such matters has been distorted and largely dictated by television programming, so that these experiences are denied and ridiculed – sometimes even by the experiencer.

Traditional witchcraft (the esoteric science – not the religion Wicca) holds theories about the nature of the world, both physical and metaphysical that involve frequencies, waves, wave forms and energetic frequency harmonics. Television-watching alters your ability

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to perceive these frequencies while implanting its own falsehoods in your mind, which is why the more television people watch, the less likely they are to be able to communicate freely and easily with spirits and to successfully perform acts of magic.

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