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The Illegal Establishment of Religion is a Fast-Growing Trend in the U.S. as Religious Zealots Abuse State and Federal Legislatures and Courts

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“Sinister Trinity” is the author’s term for the three dominant world religions, also, called the Abrahamic religions, as one entity. The Sinister Trinity is comprised of three powerful factions, which share similar doctrines and hostilities toward witchcraft, occultism, and paganism.

Witch Persecution

Despite the existence of the United States as the oldest living republic and the first secular republic on the face of the earth, attempts to force religion, especially that of the Sinister Trinity, upon the people persists unabated. In fact, it seems that the effort has gathered steam, especially in the past few years.

Efforts to force Americans to submit to the God of the Sinister Trinity by passing dubious legislation seem to have begun in earnest about the time of the First World War, which is when a number of government, quasi-government, and private entities with that aim were created. (In the book, Traditional Witches’ History of the Occult Banking System, the author calls this the ‘In God We Trust System,” which has been illegally forced on Americans for over a century.) Such efforts gained more steam in the 1950s during the Red Scare, even more so during the 1970s, when Christian Evangelicals became more blatantly political, and then, again, in 2001, when George W. Bush signed an executive The Original Faith-Based Initiativeorder establishing the White House Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives (OFBCI). This organization makes illegal use of illegally obtained Federal taxpayer funds to pay off and influence religious leaders in ways that benefit religious entities harbored both within and outside of the U.S. government.

Presently, different factions of the Sinister Trinity are openly fighting with each other for supremacy in the government and for cultural dominance, a circumstance which has proven to be gravely dangerous for witches and occultists in the past because we get caught in the crossfire. They are using the Federal and state legislatures, the courts, even the executive office, as well as tech companies and financial companies to wage this conflict.

It is important for witches, occultists, and other heretics to be aware of what is happening, to recognize the familiar patterns from our history, and take steps to increase your privacy and protect yourself from this growing existential threat. In this article, the author will attempt to give you a brief overview of recent developments, beginning with a look at the past, which is not really behind us. It is still with us in more ways than one.

Anti-Blasphemy Laws

While the Sinister Trinity’s centuries-old history of persecuting witches in the New World is well known, you may still be surprised to learn that in the U.S., despite the Bill of Rights, six states still maintain anti-blasphemy laws: Michigan, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Wyoming, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts. To “blaspheme” means to speak or write with contempt, irreverence, or disrespect toward God and related things.

As an example of such legislation, Massachusetts‘ General Laws, Part IV, Title I, Chapter 272, Section 36 of the Massachusetts General Laws, reads as follows:

Whoever willfully blasphemes the holy name of God by denying, cursing or contumeliously reproaching God, His creation, government or final judging of the world, or by cursing or contumeliously reproaching Jesus Christ or the Holy Ghost, or by cursing or contumeliously reproaching or exposing to contempt and ridicule, the holy word of God contained in the holy scriptures shall be punished by imprisonment in jail for not more than one year or by a fine of not more than three hundred dollars, and may also be bound to good behavior. (

The word, “contumeliously,” is used three times in this short paragraph of law. This is a word no longer commonly in usage in modern English. According to Merriam-Webster online, the word from which it is derived, “contumelious,” means “insolently abusive and humiliating.”

Also, notice that the paragraph refers to God’s “government.” This is because the Sinister Trinity believes that governments are ordained by their God and that government and law enforcement officials are God’s servants or agents. The idea of a secular state, a secular government, is radical and inherently “Satanic” in the view of the Sinister Trinity and they insist that the U.S. government comes from God, is the work of Christians, and is based on Judeo-Christian law. This is one reason they keep illegally erecting their contemptible “Ten Commandments” monuments on government property. It’s why they insist on the religious slogan, “In God We Trust,” being stamped on everything, public and private, and it was religious fanatics, in particular, Eisenhower, who passed an illegal Federal law in the 1950s declaring this statement to be the official motto of the United States of America.

This blasphemy law in Massachusetts, is similar to the kind of laws that exist in place like in Pakistan and now modern-day Europe. Concepts of hate speech, which are incompatible with American laws, are being enforced in the U.S., upon American citizens, through private corporations in control of communications in the U.S. Increasingly, vital technology companies, first developed in the U.S., are now directly in the hands of those who are historically dangerous enemies to witches, occultists, and pagans outside the U.S. To learn more about these developments, please, listen: The Occult Files of Sophia diGregorio, “The First Monologue of 2018,” which may be heard, free-of-charge, by visiting The Occult Files of Sophia diGregorio WordPress blog at this link or it may be read in the book, The Occult Files of Sophia diGregorio, The Public Monologues of 2018, available from Amazon, other popular retailers, or in paperback directly from Winter Tempest Books in exchange for cryptocurrency.)

Numerous American States Require a Belief in “God” or the “Supreme Being” as a Condition of Employment

Traditional Witches' History of the Occult Banking System: How Witches and Occultists Can Use Bitcoin and Altcoins for Privacy and Anti-Discrimination

Traditional Witches’ History of the Occult Banking System: How Witches and Occultists Can Use Bitcoin and Altcoins for Privacy and Anti-Discrimination

For a long time now, a number of states require you to profess a belief in “God,” aka. “The Supreme Being” as a condition of employment. The implications of this are described in, Traditional Witches’ History of the Occult Banking System: How Witches and Occultists Can Use Bitcoin and Altcoins for Privacy and Anti-Discrimination. In some states, such as Arkansas, you are not allowed to be a witness in court or serve on a jury unless you profess a belief in “God” or the “Supreme Being.”

Recent attempts to overturn such pernicious, obviously unconstitutional laws have failed! Instead, we are getting more such laws.

U.S. States Are Enacting Disturbing New Laws to Protect a Faction of the Sinister Trinity

Presently, state employees and private contractors in a growing number of states must agree to support a specific, very powerful, foreign religious entity as a condition of hiring or the maintenance of their employment. Beginning with Tennessee on April 21, 2015, no fewer than 27 states have passed legislation prohibiting the employment of anyone who does not promote the specified religion and its corresponding foreign religious government.

If you are a government employee in one of these states, you may be required to sign a statement swearing and oath that you will support (or, at least, not not support) those who have historically persecuted you and whose doctrines call for your torture and death. Furthermore, these laws affect private companies, even media outlets, as well, and prohibit the government from doing business with them unless they pledge loyalty (or swear no disloyalty, in some cases) to a specified powerful, foreign religious entity.

Naturally, this is blatantly illegal and shockingly unethical, but this doesn’t seem to matter to your elected representatives or the courts. In some states, representatives voted unanimously for this anti-human, anti-American, and ultimately anti-witch legislation. Furthermore, all attempts to overturn such legislation have heretofore overwhelmingly failed.

The passage of these unconstitutional laws has happened very quickly and with little national attention. While some argue that the suspiciously similar laws which are being passed are somehow only a matter of foreign policy, which is divorced from religion, this is clearly not the case. Evidence of this may be found in the laws and in the words of the lawmakers themselves. It may, also, be found in the stories of employment termination and loss of income for those who fail to comply. Such details are included in the list of states that have passed these disturbing laws, along with the dates of their passage, and other pertinent information, as follows:

1. Tennessee on April 21, 2015. SJR 170 states, “WHEREAS, the elected representatives of Tennessee recognize the importance of expressing their unabridged support for the [specifies a religious faction of the Sinister Trinity] people.” This bill extends special protections to members of this religion on college campuses. (

2. South Carolina on June 4, 2015. H-3583. (

3. Illinois on July 23, 2015. Senate Bill 1761. (; and

4. Alabama on February 16, 2016. The governor signed SJR-6 into law, which expresses unconditional support for the same foreign religious entity’s right to exist as a “religious” state. Inversely described as “anti-discrimination” legislation, it, in fact, requires religious discrimination against anyone who does not support a faction of the Sinister Trinity, as a condition for employment among contractors of the State of Alabama.

5. Colorado on February 26, 2016. House Bill 16-1284 (

6. Indiana on March 1, 2016. House Bill 1372. (

"The Witch at the Stake" by Hugo Simberg

“The Witch at the Stake” by Hugo Simberg

7. Florida on March 10, 2016. The governor signed HB-545 into law in a ceremony at the Orlando Torah Academy on March 30, 2018. “Torah” is a reference to the first five books of the Old Testament and possibly some other similar religious doctrines belonging to the Sinister Trinity, which call for the death of witches and the enslavement of non-believers. For instance, Leviticus 20:27, “A man or a woman who has a ghost or a familiar spirit shall be put to death; they shall be pelted with stones—their bloodguilt shall be upon them;” Exodus 22:17, “You shall not tolerate a sorceress;” and Sanhedrin 45b, which describes how witches should be murdered so as to be pleasing in the eyes of God. Death by hanging seems to be preferred.

8. Virginia on March 10, 2016. After this state’s similar religious legislation was passed, legislators were openly thanked by members of the religion concerned.

9. Arizona on March 18, 2016. House Bill 2617 was signed into law by the governor. In September 2018, a Federal judge issued an injunction to block its enforcement, but the state appealed.

10. Georgia on April 26, 2016. SB-327.

11. Iowa on May 10, 2016. Beginning on February 24, 2016, the state passed SB-3087, SF-2281, and Iowa HF-2331, all in support of the same foreign religious entity.

12. New York on June 5, 2016. Senate Bill S6378A. (

13. New Jersey on August 16, 2016. The governor signed S-1923.

14. California on September 24, 2016. California Assembly Bill 2844.

15. Pennsylvania on November 4, 2016. House Bill 2107.

16. Ohio on December 19, 2016. House Bill 476.

17. Michigan on January 10, 2017. House Bills 5821 and 5822.

18. Arkansas on March 22, 2017. Act 710. (

In January 2019, a Federal judge dismissed a lawsuit filed by the Arkansas Times’ challenging the law. (Kesslen, Ben, “Publisher Embroiled in Legal Battle with Arkansas Over Law Banning Israel Boycotts,”, March 2, 2019.; and Jacobson, William A., “Federal Court Upholds Constitutionality of Arkansas Anti-BDS Law, LegalInsurrection, January 23, 2019.

The legislation in Arkansas is not unique, however, what is a little different in this instance is the main objection of the newspaper’s founder, which is based on the inherent and Constitutional right to privacy, to silence, and to be let alone. In the above-referenced articles and in a video posted by VICENews at YouTube (VICE News, “Arkansas Newspaper Challenges the State’s Anti-BDS Law (HBO), YouTube, March 8, 2019., the founder of the newspaper states that he was sent a contract, a loyalty pledge to this same foreign religious entity, on three separate occasions and threatened with the loss of sponsorships if he did not sign it. But, of course, this is a violation of fundamental rights established by law as a result of the British occupation in the 18th century and embodied in the 4th and 5th Amendments. The 5th Amendment confirms the inherent right to silence. Someone may ask you a question, but you don’t have to answer. To exercise this right, you simply remain silent. (This is not legal advice, but general knowledge and, of course, there are exceptional circumstances.) Yet, this man’s inherent right to silence has clearly been violated.

An Act of Faith

An Act of “Faith”

Also, In this same above-referenced video, the self-professed Christian author and sponsor of the bill openly admits that he is motivated by his Christian faith and believes in the Bible, which instructs him to support the first faction of the Sinister Trinity. Unquestionably, all of the similarly worded legislation that has curiously popped up in every state and the Fed is religiously motivated. The perpetrators are religious fanatics determined to bring about the fulfillment of their horrifying “End Times” doomsday scenario.

19. Texas on May 2, 2017. Section 2270.001 of Texas Government Code. (

An elementary school teacher lost her job because she could not in good conscience sign the pledge, a similar oath of loyalty to a foreign religious entity. (Greenwald, Glenn, “A Texas Elementary School Speech Pathologist Refused to Sign a Pro-Israel Oath, Now Mandatory in Many States — So She Lost Her Job,” The Intercept, December 17, 2018. A lawsuit was filed on her behalf. (

20. Minnesota on May 3, 2017. They passed a senate bill. The religious community promoted in this legislation brazenly lauded it.

21. Nevada on June 2, 2017. The legislature passed an Act.

22. Kansas on June 16, 2017. Kansas House Bill 2409 “prohibits the State from entering into a contract with any individual or company engaged in a boycott of [a specified foreign religious entity]. The State [of Kansas] must require written certification from all individuals and companies with which it enters into contracts for services, supplies, information technology, or construction that the individual or company is not engaged in a boycott of [the same specified foreign religious entity]. (

In blatant violation of the First Amendment, prohibiting the establishment of religion, the free exercise thereof, and freedom of expression, a teacher in Kansas was fired and barred from employment, after she failed to sign a similar oath on behalf of the same foreign religious entity. (Lendman, Stephen, Kansas Teacher Barred from Employment for Supporting BDS,, October 18, 2017. The teacher is a member of a Mennonite church, which is morally opposed to the foreign religious entity in question because of its habit of committing human rights violations. (Ibid.)

Initially, the ACLU challenged this legislation, but dropped the case after the governor made small concessions.

23. North Carolina on July 31, 2017. The governor signed House Bill 161. (

24. Maryland on October 23, 2017. The governor signed Executive Order 01.01.2017.25.

25. Wisconsin on October 27, 2017. Initially the governor signed Executive Order #261 into law, prohibiting state agencies from entering into contracts with entities that fail to properly respect the foreign religious entity in question and to terminate the employment of anyone who is in violation. He signed Assembly Bill 553 into law on April 3, 2018, which prevents “state agencies and governmental units” from adopting rules, policies, or procedures, that fail to honor the same foreign religious entity.

26. Louisiana on May 22, 2018. The governor issued an executive order prohibiting the government from entering into contracts to do business with entities that boycott the same powerful, foreign religious entity.

27. Kentucky on November 15, 2018. The governor signed an executive order to protect the interests of the same religious group.

So far, the vaunted ACLU has made no headway in protecting citizens from these flagrantly unconstitutional religious laws or upholding the principles embodied in the Bill of Rights. You will find some lip service and empty threats at their website, but the results of their efforts speak for themselves. A clearly well-organized, and likely well-funded effort is underway to advance similar unconsitutional legislation in every state in the union.

A Similar Federal Bill Has Been Introduced

Additionally, a similar Federal Bill, S. 170, was introduced by an unscrupulous senator in Florida on January 17, 2017. “This bill allows a state or local government to adopt and enforce measures to divest its assets from, prohibit investment of its assets in, or restrict contracting with: (1) an entity that engages in a commerce or investment-related boycott, divestment, or sanctions activity targeting [the same specifically named foreign religious entity]; or (2) an entity that owns or controls, is owned or controlled by, or is under common ownership or control with such an entity. Such measures are not preempted by federal law. A state or local government that seeks to adopt or enforce such measures shall comply with specified requirements related to notice, timing, and opportunity for comment.

The bill amends the Investment Company Act of 1940 to prohibit a person from bringing any civil, criminal, or administrative action against a registered investment company based solely upon that company’s divestment from securities issued by a person that engages in a commerce or investment-related boycott, divestment, or sanctions activity targeting [the same afore named foreign religious entity]. ( Disturbingly, on February 6, 2019, this criminal bill, which renders monetary and military support to the same foreign religious entity, was passed in a vote of 77 to 23. (Chastain, Mary, “Senate Passes Bipartisan Anti-BDS Bill,” LegalInsurrection, February 6, 2019.

In addition to all of this, a religiously fanatical Congressman, a member of the first faction of the first faction of the Sinister Trinity, introduced a House Resolution, which was passed by the 116th Congress 1st Session on March 8, 2019, “Condemning anti-Semitism as hateful expressions of intolerance that are contradictory to the values and aspirations that define the people of the United States and condemning anti-Muslim discrimination and bigotry, against minorities as hateful expressions of intolerance that are contrary to the values and aspirations of the United States.” (Cummings, William and Christal Hayes, “House Overwhelmingly Passes Resolution Condemning Hate…,” USA Today, Updated March 11, 2019.

As one of the Resolution’s nay-voters pointed out, it does not include protections for Wiccans. By extension, it does not include protections for any other neo-pagan, pagan, or witchcraft-based religions or practices, historically and presently persecuted and marginalized in the U.S. and its former territories. Similar laws in support of the first faction of the Sinister Trinity have existed since the 1920s to 1930s. More such laws were passed on the Federal level in the 1970s.

On May 20, 2011, a former member of Congress, C. McKinney, was interviewed on a program called, “Face to Face,” on PressTV. This video is posted at ( In this video, she describes the coercion of members of Congress by the same religious fanatics who support this religious entity.

According to the former congresswoman, the pledge says you must acknowledge a certain city as the capitol of their foreign religious state (since this video was made, the U.S. President has made a declaration to this effect, in fulfillment of the deadly religious prophesies of the Sinister Trinity), that you will make a commitment to vote to support the military superiority of that foreign religious state, and that you will provide the economic assistance this same foreign religious entity wants. In short you must pledge allegiance to this foreign religious entity and agree to serve it over the interest of the American citizens you are supposed to represent, in this representative, secular republic. Furthermore, you must attend religious meetings at religious buildings belonging to this same faction of the Sinister Trinity. Those members who fail to pledge this support simply do not receive funds and other support necessary to maintain their position in the U.S. government.

The figure on the right represents the Sinister Trinity's long-awaited Antichrist.

The figure on the right represents the Sinister Trinity’s long-awaited Antichrist.

So, this is the likely reason that so many members of government are going along with this criminal activity. They are Benedict Arnolds and sell outs. Although, it appears that some of them really are certifiable religious nuts, who believe we are all living in the End Times, the Antichrist is here, and the Messiah is coming, who will instigate a violent conflict that will end in a terrible, fiery war in the Middle East; the world will end, the dead will rise from their graves for God’s Judgment, and so on. Some of this “so on” includes the mass murder and enslavement of heretics, depending on how offensive your existence is to the core group of this nightmarish religious coalition.

Theoretically, there is no religious test for office. But, let us now count how many known witches hold public office. … [the sound of crickets]… You won’t find many garden variety atheists in office in this secular nation, either. The reason for this seems clear and the implications are sinister, to say the least.

By way of a conclusion to an article like this, you might expect to see some call to organize a protest or perhaps call your local senator or congressman, but the futility of such advice is self-evident. It was once said that unless you can mail a donation check to your representative in the tens of thousands of dollars, don’t bother to write because your letter will go into the waste basket. But, at this point, there is no amount of campaign bribery that would be effective in turning back this trend, even if you had millions of dollars at your disposal. The deck is absolutely stacked in the favor of the same powerful religious interests that have plagued W. Europe and subsequently the Americas for centuries.

The First Amendment and Why It Exists

Of course, the actual “values and aspirations that define the people of the United States,” mentioned in the House Resolution of the 116th Congress referenced above, are set forth in the Bill of Rights, which is comprised of the first Ten Amendments. One reason we have the First Amendment, disallowing the establishment of religion, is because it is well known that the three factions of the Sinister Trinity and their various denominations incessantly fight with each other for supremacy and control. They—all three factions—persecute heretics, unbelievers, blasphemers, idolaters, and specifically target witches in their doctrines.

You may have noticed, especially if you read some of the articles and legal documents and view the videos, referenced in this article, that the people blowing the whistle are all members of some faction of the Sinister Trinity. The third faction is in direct conflict with the first faction. The second faction may or may not support the first faction. This state of affairs has existed for centuries, at least, since the beginning of the Crusades.

We are now experiencing the modern continuation of this conflict between these three factions of the Sinister Trinity. Some very bad things have come out of this conflict in the past, directed at witches and anyone else deemed a heretic or blasphemer by any of them. Make no mistake! There is no faction of the Sinister Trinity that is friendly to witches, occultists, and pagans.

Knowledge of the Crusades, the religious struggles in the British Isles, the witch persecutions of Massachusetts, similar trials and outright murders of (most often) women for being witches, and other appalling acts they tend to commit must have been on the minds of those who contributed to the crafting of the Bill of Rights in 1789. But the Bill of Rights and, especially the First Amendment, only puts into words an inherent right to freedom from religious tyranny and the freedom to practice or not practice whatever religion, spirituality, or philosophy to which one is inclined. If the paper upon which the Bill of Rights is written were destroyed, it would not change the fundamental principles it contains, which Americans believe are inherent to all people.

Religious Fanatics Don’t Care If They Violate the Law or Your Inherent Rights

There are plenty of ligislators, judges, and employers who do not care about Title VII of the Civil Rights Act or what the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission ( EEOC) says. Furthermore, they are serving their dark lord, getting brownie points to get into Heaven, and looking good in public to their fellow fanatics by discriminating against you. Even if you are a member of a well-establish witchcraft-based or pagan religion, they don’t care. They are all the more convinced that by fighting you they are “doing the Lord’s work.” You’ll have a lot of trouble getting your legal rights recognized in a government and a judicial system that is run, from top to bottom, by religious fanatics who, time after time, put their religion and their God, above the law, as repeatedly illustrated in the above examples.

Dangerous religious fanatics, who worship a composite of mostly malignant, blood-thirsty and flesh-hungry entities, which date back thousands of years in Mesopotamia and northern Africa and have been known throughout time as “God,” “The Lord,” and by many other names, have taken complete control of our government and the governments of many other rightly secular or pagan nations. The author calls the Sinister Trinity “sinister,” which means “left hand,” for good reason. It is all the things they—their doctrines and their followers—project at witches! Consider for a moment the things they commonly accuse witches of. Naturally, you are familiar with them. They are the ones doing these things. Consider the ongoing crimes of the Roman Catholic Church alone! They are the masters of inverting the truth, projecting, and scapegoating. (The 2nd Public Monologue of 2019, which is called “Scapegoating: or, How the Devil Got His Horns,” is available as a free audio file at The Occult Files of Sophia diGregorio WordPress blog.)

Some of these Men of God, lawmakers, judges, senators, and so on, who are forcing this repugnant filth on the public are Dominionists, a type of Christian, whose mission is to infiltrate government, education, media, and so on, which they call the Seven Mountains. But they are only one type of Christian theocrat, part of the second faction of the Sinister Trinity, which supports the first faction (the one most often provided with special protected status in the religious legislation described in this article). And, of course, a lot of these bad actors have just sold out and their interest is strictly in money.

Regardless of whether the motive is strictly religious fanaticism or a desire for money and power, the Sinister Trinity instigates international violence with the aim of ushering in their Antichrist, followed by their new king, whom they call “Messiah,” after which they plan to kill or convert and enslave everyone who is not part of the core group. This is not a secret. It is not theoretical. It is clearly and openly stated in the doctrines of the Sinister Trinity. Their leadership and their zealous followers are actively trying to make the horrifying doomsday “prophesies” in their doctrines happen.

They have been greatly emboldened by the U.S. Presidential declaration on December 6, 2017, involving the move of their capitol city to the piece of real estate they’ve all been fighting and killing themselves and us over for centuries. The man responsible for this move attended a Jesuit-run college, Fordham University, which calls itself “the Jesuit University of New York,” from 1964 to 1966. The school openly admits to indoctrinating its students in “the Jesuit tradition.” ( Both the Jesuits and the Dominicans were the sadistic administrators of the Inquisition, not just in Europe but here on the North American continent, especially in what is now Mexico and the American southwest. It has always been the mission of the Jesuits to destroy heretics and heresies against the Lord and Master of the Sinister Trinity, by whatever means possible, overtly or covertly, violently or by means of deception.

Centuries ago, the Sinister Trinity took control of our pagan civilizations. While there are no reports of anyone being dragged out of his or her house and burned at the stake just yet, our situation is not improving. Right now, they have entered the later stages of tyranny, similar to that which they have perpetrated against us in the past. If circumstances continue on, if we follow where this road inevitably leads, they will become ever more bold and aggressive.

Silence is Golden

The Wise are Silent

The Wise are Silent

In the face of these unsettling developments, along with corresponding cultural developments of the past few years, it is imperative for witches, occultists, and other heretics to maintain privacy. Take care in your use of social media, other methods of high tech communication, and transaction. Change the way you communicate and do business to protect yourself from the zealots, who have taken control of these things.

The corporate social media structure, just like the corporate banking structure and the government, is centralized. It is the nature of the beast to be easily compromised. It is beneficial to witches, occultists, and other vulnerable individuals to move away from centralized, authoritarian structures so that you can regain the personal and financial sovereignty to which you are inherently entitled.

While technology is often scapegoated as the cause of loss of privacy, it is, in fact, technology that provides a solution to many problems we are all facing. New technology now exists to take witches off the “In God We Trust System.” All you have to do is recognize it and start using it. It’s really that simple.

Please, read more about the “In God We Trust System” and solutions to the problems it presents in Sophia diGregorio’s book,  Traditional Witches History of the Occult Banking System: How Witches and Occultists Can Use Bitcoin and Altcoins for Privacy and Anti-Discrimination, (paperback) (Kindle) (Nook) (Paperbacks may now be purchased directly from Winter Tempest Books, P2P, in exchange for cryptocurrency.)

Please, read Sophia diGregorio’s free ebook, The Occult Files of Sophia diGregorio Bitcoin and Altcoins Patronage Program: How to Join our Cryptocurrency-Based Patronage Program and Why We Are Doing Things This Way. The free ebook is available in .pdf, .mobi, and .epub formats. (No opt-in or any such nonsense.)

Listen to The Occult Files of Sophia diGregorio, the Public Monologues of 2018 and 2019, absolutely free at The Occutl Files of Sophia diGregorio WordPress Blog.

Purchase the transcripts of The Occult Files of Sophia diGregorio: The Public Monologues of 2018 in paperback or ebook formats at Amazon and in ebook form at Smashwords.

Traditional Witchcraft, Authoritarianism and Secrecy: Silence is Golden

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There is No Authority in Traditional Witchcraft

In traditional witchcraft it is not necessary to have nor to ever recognize an authority figure. There is no need for authoritarian gods, goddesses, or other demanding figures. There are no threats of Hell fire and no condemnation because there are no authorities. The only laws to be acknowledged are the esoteric laws of nature. We do not need to obey them, revere them, or worship them; we must only understand and use them because they are not authorities, either. They simply are.

Witches are not subject to the whims of authoritarian establishments and people. The fact that there is no authority in traditional witchcraft frightens the masses, who love authority and cling to it out of superstitious fear. Those who love authority, who believe that there will be chaos and immorality without it, try to demonize anyone who does not acknowledge an authority who administers some moral code. For this reason, if no other, it is beneficial to maintain secrecy about our philosophy and practices.

Secrecy Protects You

465px-Moritz_Stifter_Das_Geheimnis_1885Witchcraft and the occult involve actions and philosophies that, by their very nature, lie outside the mainstream of modern Western society. As witches and occultists, we do not always place a high value on mainstream society since it is not in accordance with our own experiences and observations about the nature of the world around us as we tend to have heightened sensory perception. In many cases, we perceive great flaws in its systems, notably its religious, medical, and scientific establishments. We often find ourselves at odds with popular social trends. Occasionally, we are sharply reminded of old hostilities.

Absolute secrecy protects you from those who would harm you for practicing witchcraft, even if nothing else does. In order to survive, most of us must hide our practices and our philosophy from the people around us. Sometimes we have to hide it from family and, if we are part of mainstream society in some way, we have to hide it from our colleagues, our clients and employers. There is power in secrecy and weakness in having secrets revealed to those who might use the information against us. This is especially true when the prevailing order of society notoriously fails us, again and again. We must protect ourselves because no one else, no established authority, will. It’s simply not in their interest to do so.

Why Secrecy is Necessary Even When You are Doing Nothing Wrong

Some people believe that only people who have something to hide, who are doing something criminal or unethical, have a reason to keep secrets. But this is unrealistic. Secrecy is your first line of defense when the order of law fails. It’s the first thing that protects you when a person or government agency wants to deny you your humanity.

If you are too open about yourself, whether about your witchcraft practices or aspects of your life, such as relationships, finances, plans for the future, you are running an unnecessary risk. At times, secrecy may be uncomfortable, but it is far less comfortable than the consequences that follow if too much of the wrong information about yourself falls into the wrong hands.

If someone has information about you, they have power over you and eventually they’re going to use it against you. Therefore, secrecy is important even when you are not doing anything wrong or illegal. It is wise to keep your practices, philosophy, and activities away from the prying eyes of others as much as possible.

Many innocent people cause trouble for themselves because they are too open, tell too much, are indiscreet, and have poor habits regarding privacy. Sometimes this is the result of parental teachings about honesty and openness that did not serve us. Learning to be discreet and when to lie is a more beneficial teaching. If you had authoritarian parents who demanded you always tell the truth or were subjected to religious teachings that shamed you for verbally defending yourself, then you may have to do some work to learn how to keep secrets and learn how to lie effectively in your own defense. There are those in positions of power who make a business of using your openness against you.

Authoritarians do not serve you, even when they pretend to do so. They serve themselves and their associates at your expense. The most direct and effective means of eluding authoritarians is through secrecy. As the environment of authoritarianism, moralizing, and zealotry online has grown, it is increasingly important for witches and occultists to operate in the darkness.

The Case for Staying in the Broom Closet

Girl_with_Broom_in_Doorway_Champney_1882Maintaining privacy and secrecy is the simplest, most basic, way to protect yourself from moralizing authoritarians and against a myriad of other problems, including envy, the Evil Eye, jealousy, gossip, defamation, financial interference, and sabotage in any of your endeavors whether they involve witchcraft or mundane affairs.

In the current climate, in which people lose their jobs over an online comment or photograph, it is important that you do not share too much information about yourself online. Moreover, maintaining your online privacy is critical to maintaining privacy offline.

The case for keeping silent about your practices is very strong if you live in a place where it is not likely to be accepted or if your practices will likely be perceived as unacceptable. Some forms of traditional witchcraft and occultism are unacceptable even within the more visible, mainstream segment of witchcraft and occultism. Those urging witches to “come out of the boom closet” are often unaware of the dangers or unaware that such practices exist among witches and occultists.

The world around us is changing in ways that are not always favorable to witches and occultists. Increasingly, it is important to protect your privacy online in order to remain firmly in the broom closet. Fortunately, new opportunities for rejecting authority and obtaining privacy have come into existence.

Learn More About Staying Securely in the Broom Closet

Traditional Witches' History of the Occult Banking System: How Witches and Occultists Can Use Bitcoin and Altcoins for Privacy and Anti-discriminationLearn more about importance of privacy, especially financial privacy and how to obtain more of it when you read Sophia diGregorio’s newest book, Traditional Witches’ History of the Occult Banking System: How Witches and Occultists Can Use Bitcoin and Altcoins for Privacy and Anti-Discrimination, available for sale on for Kindle readers and in paperback.  Also, it is available from Barnes & Noble for Nook.

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Traditional Witches’ History of the Occult Banking System – Released Today!

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Traditional Witches' History of the Occult Banking System: How Witches and Occultists Can Use Bitcoin and Altcoins for Privacy and Anti-Discrimination

Traditional Witches’ History of the Occult Banking System: How Witches and Occultists Can Use Bitcoin and Altcoins for Privacy and Anti-Discrimination

Sophia diGregorio’s latest book, Traditional Witches’ History of the Occult Banking System: How Witches and Occultists Can Use Bitcoin and Altcoins for Privacy and Anti-Discrimination, is released today and is available for sale on for Kindle readers and in paperback.

This book is much more than an unusual history and a how-to guide, it has the power to change your life by changing the way you think about everyday things. It is fascinating, revealing, and revolutionary! Explore the history of finance through a traditional witch’s lens and learn about the means of escaping the grasp of our historical enemies, which has emerged at the dawning of this new age.

Historically, witches have been denied full economic participation and equal protection under the law. Now, in the 21st century, little has changed except that anti-witch discrimination has gone high tech.

  • Do you hate being told what you can and cannot do?

  • Would you like to enjoy more freedom, autonomy, and less interference?

  • Do you ever wish you had more control over your life?

  • If you had a chance to escape a powerful, hidden enemy, would you like to know more about it?

By reading this powerful book you will gain unique insights into the history of banking and corporate structures, plus real-world, practical information of special use to witches and occultists. This book answers such questions as, “What does ‘In God We Trust’ on currency mean for witches and occultists?” Learn how the Holy Brotherhood promotes modern discrimination against witches and affects how we buy, sell, and communicate with each other today. Then, discover how you can break free from this trap — all on your own.

Although history has been unkind to witches, the author points the way to a brighter future and shows you how to take action in the present to circumvent long-standing obstacles.

As the Piscean Age convulses in its death throes, a philosophical war wages between old and new constructs. This is a crossroad. Will you choose the right path?

If you are a witch, occultist, or pagan, this may be the single most life-changing book you read this year!

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The theoretical program described in the book is realized with the publication of this free ebook, The Occult Files of Sophia diGregorio Bitcoin and Altcoins Patronage Program: How to Join our Cryptocurrency-Based Patronage Program and Why We Are Doing Things This Way. The publication of this ebook  launches the program. Read the free ebook right now at the official blog for the program: